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Web analytics provide bloggers and businesses important insights about online audiences. This guide, with a heavy emphasis on Google Analytics,  offers best tips and practices on how to read analytic reports and make useful website changes.

Website analytics

How to Understand Sessions in Google Analytics

Sessions in Google Analytics is a report that shows the number of visits to a website over a specific period of time by a group of users.

In GA, a “user” is a person. That person “visits” a website for a “session”. So visits and sessions mean essentially the same thing. They both track the same event. (more…)

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Smart phone

Google Analytics Mobile Report Requires Careful Takeaways

The Google Analytics mobile report defines mobile in ways that are open to misinterpretation because of how it defines mobile.

It creates questions about the relative importance of mobile and how fast mobile audiences are climbing for certain websites. (more…)

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PageSpeed Insights

Google Adding New Features to PageSpeed Insights

Google is adding new features to PageSpeed Insights that the company hopes will make the analytic tool easier to understand.

What is PageSpeed Insights? It is an insightful report that strives to measure and rank websites according to Google performance standards. (more…)

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World map

Website Audience Geography Gives Voice to Content

Website audience geography is useful to know in developing more relevant content and better SEO profiles.

Two actual sites reveal some stark differences in the location of their visitors. One has 73 percent of its total audience from the United States. The other has only 37 percent from the U.S. (more…)

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Analytics Publisher Report Gives AdSense Insights

The “Publisher” report in Google Analytics is a useful tool for website publishers who use AdSense and want to maximize the potential revenue.

Google doesn’t offer much detail about the existence of the report. The report is available by going to Behavior / Publisher in Analytics. (more…)

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Beware Spambots That Ruin Analytic Numbers

Spambots are becoming a more common problem for sites because they can distort website analytics and mislead and deceive site publishers.

One of the most exciting experiences in online publishing is a spike in site traffic. One of the most discouraging experiences is the discovery that the traffic is spam. (more…)

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Landing pages

Landing Page Best Practices Convert More Visitors

The best practices for landing pages come in two forms. The first is understanding why a particular landing page does so well. The other is getting better performance.

What is a landing page? It is a page where someone lands with their browser after they click on something such as a page on another website, an ad, a search engine result or a social media account, among other possibilities. (more…)

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