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Site-Wide Keyword Density Guides SEO and Content

Keyword density is a common term in search engine optimization to describe the number of important keywords in an article. But it also works well at the website level.

SEO experts have traditionally touted the importance of keyword density at the article level because word repetition signals the topic of the article to search engines. (more…)

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Local Website Promotion Adds Value to Business

Local businesses will find that effective website promotion adds new customers and strengthens relationship with existing ones.

But a business owner with limited online experience may get disappointed when the money spent on a nice looking site doesn’t produce the desired result. (more…)

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Local Reviews, Both Positive and Negative, Now Matter to Google

Google reviews help businesses stand out and provide helpful information about the company to potential customers. They allow potential customers to see how proficient you are at delivering high-quality services/products.

They also show potential customers what your customer relations are like. Local Google reviews typically appear next to your business profile in Maps and Search. (more…)

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SEO keywords

Keyword Prominence Leads to Better Search Engine Results

Keyword prominence is an important concept in search engine optimization that impacts an article’s ranking in search results.

What is keyword prominence in practical terms? It is an SEO tactic that places important keywords as close as possible to the beginning of a title, article, caption or other element on a page. (more…)

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Content Diversity Expands Site Audience Potential

Content diversity is a useful strategy for stretching the boundaries of a website and reaching more niche audiences.

Diversifying content also means a website can potentially find some new keyword phrases that get highly ranked in search engines. (more…)

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Effective Content Marketing Often Begins with a Question

Effective content marketing, like any type of content, often begins with a question.

The question doesn’t have to appear in the actual written content. Instead, the question should dominate the thought process that eventually leads to the article. The article should answer the question from every possible point of view. (more…)

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Search engine titles

Title Changes Alone May Improve Search Rankings

Sometimes even simple title changes may lead to better search rankings and search engine optimization.

I have written thousands of articles over the years that have had varying degrees of success with search rankings. On busy days when I have been more focused on clients during my consulting work, I sometimes have written an article or article title in haste. (more…)

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