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Better SEO Results May Start with 1 Weak Page

Getting SEO results can be frustrating because the time and effort spent on a campaign may not lead to better rankings for the best pages on a site.

Instead, a weak page may end up with better rankings. (more…)

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Landing pages

Landing Page Best Practices Convert More Visitors

The best practices for landing pages come in two forms. The first is understanding why a particular landing page does so well. The other is getting better performance.

What is a landing page? It is a page where someone lands with their browser after they click on something such as a page on another website, an ad, a search engine result or a social media account, among other possibilities. (more…)

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Website Marketing Plan Increases Odds of Success

A website marketing plan can range from one page to dozens or even hundreds of pages. What matters most is the meat of it and the focus and execution of the most important elements.

What also matters is fulfillment of the important site promotion goals. The process begins with a clear outline. (more…)

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Clickbaiting Tactics Mimic Traditional Media

Clickbaiting is an online term for a practice that has long been followed in offline traditional media.

The term has something of a negative connotation because the practice has been abused, but it is a legitimate means of attracting an audience if done correctly and ethically.

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Pay per click campaigns

Paid Search Advertising Brings Quick Profits, Narrow Margins

Paid search advertising via Bing, Google and other search engines is an easy path for driving audience, revenue and ideally some profits.

But sites often don’t make big profits that way because they underestimate the amount of labor involved on top of the actual ad costs. (more…)

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SEO tasks

Organic Search Optimization: Maximum Audience, Zero Cash

Organic search optimization is a refined and focused method for driving the maximum amount of audience to a website using the least amount of cash.

It  increases the rankings of important pages on a site to the highest possible positions within search engines and get clicks without paying for them. (more…)

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Author Marketing Impacts Search Engine Optimization

Online author marketing can improve search engine optimization simply by getting a name right.

I don’t mean the spelling of the name. I mean the uniqueness of the name. (more…)

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