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Analytics Age Report Guides Content and Marketing

The Google Analytics age report offers insights about how to market a website and improve targeting for search engine optimization. It also may impact content.

For example, the largest age range by far for this site is 25 to 34 years old. Even though the lone publisher and writer is much older than 34 years, the results aren’t surprising. The site is about online publishing, which is a popular career for the younger generation. (more…)

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Local Search Optimization

Best Practices for Local Search Engine Optimization

The best practices for local search engine optimization become clear for anyone who pays attention to local newspapers and TV stations. Use plenty of places and zip codes.

Local newspaper and TV sites have many references to communities and institutions common to the area. (more…)

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Landing Page Optimization: A Fast and Simple Approach

Landing page optimization is a strategy of getting visitors to do something valuable when they first arrive at a single page on a website.

It’s hard enough just to get visitors in an online environment that is becoming more competitive all the time. (more…)

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Best Article Length for Search Engine Optimization

Writers often ask about the best article length for search engine optimization. The answer is a common one in website publishing: it depends.

A 2016 study from of nearly 12 million Google search results found that the average article on the first page (10 results) had 1,447 words. (more…)

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Top 10 Important SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2022

Top 10 important SEO techniques

Credit: Mike Khorev

With the rise of innovative technologies, SEO is slowly evolving from its conventional definition and practices. Over the years, search engine algorithms have changed several times, and the ranking factors are no longer limited to keywords and backlinks. Here are the top 10 important SEO techniques to drive organic traffic in 2022.

1. Target long-tail keywords

Here are a few reasons why you should include long-tail keywords in your content:

  1. They’re more specific and have less traffic.
  2. You can rank for them faster as they are less competitive.
  3. The higher conversion rate.

There’s no doubt that using long-tail keywords can help you rank higher on Google, increase engagement and boost your sales, but how do you find these long-tail keywords? You can use tools like the Keyword Tool to generate a list of long-tail keywords that are relevant to your product or service. Free tools like Ubersuggest will also give you ideas on what people search online related to your products and services. (more…)

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HTML Anchor Links That Deliver Better Website Results

Best practices for HTML anchor links impact how often website visitors click on them. More clicks lead to more page views, return visits and website revenue.

Anyone who uses the Internet is well aware of anchor links. In simple terms, they are made up of text and code that encourage visitors to click on them. But a bad anchor link is a waste of time if it doesn’t get clicks. Clicks matter because they send important signals in search engine optimization in several important ways: (more…)

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mobile app development

Alt Tags for Images Bring Useful SEO Benefits

Alt tags for images are important in some ways and unimportant in others.

Content management systems offer and encourage the use of alt tags. For example, WordPress has an alt tag box with every image. But the publisher has the option of using it or not using it. (more…)

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