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Page Updates Benefit AdSense and Search Rankings

Frequent page updates often lead to better numbers for both contextual advertising and search engine optimization.

The concept of updating a page may cover just about any element in an article or document including: (more…)

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SEO content writing

What is Content Development for Websites?

Content development for websites is a strategy and process for publishing information that readers find useful, accurate, timely, important, engaging or entertaining.

It has its foundation in older forms of traditional publishing or broadcasting such as books, magazines, newspapers, radio and television. (more…)

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Landing page

What Does a Selling Landing Page Consist Of? Required Components for High Conversion

A landing page is most often a one-page website, the main purpose of which is to promote a certain product or service.

It is a detailed format of an advertising offer containing comprehensive information about the product. Its peculiarity is the presence of enticing CTA (call to action) elements in the design of the landing page website. For example, buttons with motivational labels, countdown timers, etc. (more…)

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Search engine titles

What is the Best Google Title Length?

The best Google title length for search engine optimization is about 60 characters. But there is more to the story.

A review of titles in Google search results showed a fairly consistent pattern with how long a title can go before Google cuts it off with ellipses. (more…)

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Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization is Declining in Value

Growing anecdotal evidence shows that search engine optimization is declining as a tactic for improving rankings on Google.

For example, a website page that occupied the No. 1 spot on Google for the term “Caribbean weather forecast” held the top position for at least 10 years. It got there because it was a page the publisher created in the early days online — traditional SEO favors the age of a page — and because it attracted thousands of backlinks. (more…)

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Core web vitals

What Are Core Web Vitals? 4 Standards That Matter

Core web vitals are Google standards that measure website user experience. The standards are First Contentful Paint, Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay and Cumulative Layout Shift.

The standard names are not intuitive, but the ideas behind them are important methods for increasing search engine optimization (SEO). (more…)

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Page design

Google’s ‘Page Experience’ Offers Useful SEO Guidance

Page experience is another important tip directly from Google on how to get better rankings with search engine optimization.

Few people outside of Google — except for high-ranking former employees — know much about the many ways that Google ranks websites for its search engine. After all, the company doesn’t want to share important secrets with competitors. Its secretive ways also make the task of ranking well in Google’s search engine all the harder. (more…)

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