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What is Page RPM? It Signals Chance for Revenue Growth

Page RPM or revenue per thousand page impressions is a publisher metric that measures revenue the way that CPM measures cost for advertisers.

The metric is a simple formula that divides the amount of website revenue by the number of impressions, which also are divided by 1,000. (more…)

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Search engine optimization

SEO Strategy Risks May Lead to Poor Results, Dashed Hopes

SEO strategy risks rise with competition, poor conversion rates and other possible outcomes.

Search engine optimization requires risk management like any other business initiative.

Managing expectations is one of the first steps in any risk management. (more…)

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Marketing strategy

Internet Marketing Strategy for Business Starts With 4 Tactics

Search engine results for “Internet marketing strategy for business” often bring up websites with exciting claims, but most online successes come from a series of small steps taken consistently over time.

The Internet is packed with millions of sites clamoring for the attention of people who visit on average about 100 sites a month. (more…)

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YouTube SEO

Is YouTube SEO Worth the Effort?

Using YouTube to promote a related website is often a good use of time. Using YouTube strictly for building that site’s SEO is not.

For many years, YouTube publishers could add a link in the description that displays underneath the video, and the link would be do follow. A do follow link means that the landing page on the receiving end of the link receives benefit from search engines. (more…)

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SEO keywords

Keyword Niches Generate High Returns for SEO

Keyword niches deliver great results for search engine optimization if an article targets the smallest number of search engine results for the maximum return on investment.

It is tempting to produce content that target important keywords that attract tens of thousands or even thousands of searches a month in Google, Bing and Yahoo! (more…)

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High Quality Backlinks Rise and Fall with Sites Providing Them

Website managers who emphasize search engine optimization know that finding high quality backlinks is like finding a pot of gold.

Search engines love those kinds of links because they represent a vote in favor of the site getting the link. (more…)

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Google Ads

How to Use Google Ads Keyword Planner for Best Results

The Google Ads keyword planner is one of the best ways to research keywords for search engine optimization. But it also has some limitations.

Although the planner is available for publishers who want to run search engine marketing campaigns on Google Ads, it’s also useful for anyone who wants to improve organic search results. (more…)

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