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Pay per click

How to develop more effective and less expensive pay-per click campaigns.

Google Ads

Google Ad Strategy Delivers Efficient Pay Per Click

A Google ad strategy is an inexpensive, efficient and highly educational way of driving targeted pay-per-click traffic to a website.

It can be inexpensive because there is no minimum monthly charge. (more…)

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Click through rates

Average Click Rates Reveal Best and Worst Ad Placements

The average click through rates for online advertising depend on the location of the ads and whether they are static, targeted or contextual.

Although publishers and advertisers may want to know the national rate, a national rate isn’t useful. Every website has different results. Publishers and advertisers should focus more on improving their rates. (more…)

Pay per click campaigns

How Does Pay Per Click Work?

To showcase how widespread display ads have become, paid digital marketing campaigns saw an investment of $10 billion in 2017. At least 79% of business owners agree that pay-per-click marketing is good for eCommerce and brick-and-mortar businesses.

Paid search works because of valuable digital real estate. In short, prepare to shell out a higher fee if you intend to promote your brand on prime websites. Thankfully, not all websites are prime digital real estate. (more…)

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Use Google Ads Extensions to Maximize Click Rates

Google Ads extensions offer website publishers a tool that target ads to even smaller niche audiences.

Ad targeting continues to evolve as a marketing tool and become more efficient at targeting audiences and delivering results. The Google Ads extension is a prime example of that evolution. (more…)

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Pay per click campaigns

Use Pay Per Click Advertising Because It’s Cheap, But Beware

Pay per click advertising tactics have become hugely popular because PPC is cheap and efficient.

It’s cheap because it’s efficient. It’s efficient for the advertiser because it most often is used contextually at the major search engines — Google and Bing — along with their advertising partner sites. Hence the related term search engine marketing. (more…)

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Pay per click campaigns

Pay Per Click Marketing Depends on Careful Targeting

Pay per click marketing works best when publishers target carefully and review results regularly.

Beginners often spend money on PPC campaigns without fully understanding how to use them. (more…)

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Local Search Optimization

How Online Marketing Budget is Money Well Spent

An online marketing budget is money well spent if it results in more profit, revenue and audience.

Many websites don’t spend a dime to market themselves. They depend on “free” options such as search engine optimization and social media. (But they still require labor, so in that sense they aren’t free.) (more…)

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