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Google Adding New Features to PageSpeed Insights

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PageSpeed Insights

Google is adding new features to PageSpeed Insights that the company hopes will make the analytic tool easier to understand.

What is PageSpeed Insights? It is an insightful report that strives to measure and rank websites according to Google performance standards.

Google uses the product to teach website publishers how the search engine perceives the website. It gives websites a score on a scale of zero to 100. The higher the score, the higher the website ranks according to Google performance standards.

It is a useful analytics tool in helping publishers how to improve their website performance and potentially rank higher in Google search results.

PSI Redesign Goals

The company says the goals of the new features include:

  • Make the user interface more intuitive by doing a better job of differentiating “Field Data” from “Lab Data”. Field data in the report comes from users in the field and lab data comes from a “synthetic environment”.
  • Better explain how the Core Web Vitals assessment is calculated in the UI.
  • Modernize the look and feel of the report.

“The new UI is aimed to be more intuitive and helps developers quickly discover lab and field performance insights for their pages,” the company says.

More About PSI

Publishers who use PSI will see their score at the top of the results. A score of zero to 49 with a red arrow means the site is in serious need of improvement.

A score of 50 to 89 means the site has a moderate need of improvement. That score has an orange square icon.

A score of 90 to 100 is excellent and has a green circle indicating the site meets the highest standards of Google website performance.

The report defaults to the mobile version of the report. A tab directs the user to the desktop version. Good mobile scores are often bigger challenges than good desktop scores.

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