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Social Media Postings Mimic Classified Ads

Classified advertising in many ways is the parent of social media postings. Understanding the relationship may present an opportunity to businesses that do both.

Consider the typical classified ads from print publications like newspapers and magazines. More often than not, they consist only of text. They appear in vertical series in a column format, not unlike a social media feed. (more…)

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Classified Advertising Still Producing Big Money Online


Classified advertising is the most underappreciated and misunderstood category of ads in the online industry.

Newspapers and magazines traditionally provided the bulk of classified advertising and made a tremendous amount of money from it, especially newspapers with the employment, automotive and real estate categories.

That lucrative business has declined dramatically in recent years as advertisers have moved their money from print to online.

But once online, the classified category has largely vanished. Why? (more…)

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Online Classified Ads Build Site RPMs and Revenue

An effective online classified ad strategy will provide a valuable revenue stream that enhances that revenue coming from other sources such as display ads.

Just to be clear, online classifieds are pure text ads presented in a directly-style format. In effect, they are a form of paid content. (more…)

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Newspapers Benefit from Classified Upsells

Mature online newspapers now generate more revenue from online-only classified ads than classified upsells. Other newspapers rely heavily on upsells and are creating opportunities for online-only competition to win over their customers with lower prices.

A number of papers still sees a significant amount of revenue from classified upsells, while some, even now, don?t charge anything separately for an upsell. They bundle it in with the print ad in one price, which often is used to justify the print side and ends up devaluing the online portion. (more…)

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Newspapers Need Online-Only Classifieds to Protect Market Share

Newspapers that consider offering online-only classified line ads to their customers often do so with trepidation.

The worries are common. We need to build our weakening print liner volume. We don’t need to develop a product with lower revenue and that will encourage our print customers to buy online-only and discourage them from buying print anymore. (more…)

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