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How to Create a Google Ads Strategy for Beginners

A Google Ads strategy for beginners starts with defining a few simple goals. Knowing these goals will help with the expectations and results of a campaign.

Possible goals include: (more…)

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How to Research SEO Keywords in Google and Bing

Websites can research SEO keywords in Google and Bing using their Search Console and Webmaster Tools, respectively. Their accuracy beats all other products because the list comes straight from their own search engines.

Online publishers often perceive their sites one way, but search engines may view them in an entirely different way. (more…)

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User registration and subscription

User Registration Strategy Builds Audience Insight for Advertisers

User registration is an opportunity to capture specific and useful information about website visitors that will lead to a better product and more revenue.

Registration serves two purposes:

  1. Provide an extra revenue stream from people who pay for access.
  2. Acquire demographic, geographic and psychographic profiles of the users so publishers can create targeted advertising.


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Multiple Online Income Streams Build Business Success

Content websites that develop multiple streams of online income end up with better odds of meeting or even exceeding their advertising goals.

They also increase their odds of surviving as a business. (more…)

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social media

Use Social Media Marketing Strategy to Drive Ad Revenue

A social media marketing strategy can build brand and drive traffic to the parent website. It also can boost advertising revenue.

Isn’t that the ultimate goal of the strategy anyway? A limited view of social media is that Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., simply acquire followers who like the company’s product or service. Job done. Ego gets a boost. (more…)


Increase Page Views to Build Ad Inventory and Revenue

How to increase page views is one of the most fundamental tactics of online publishing. But social media, SEO, email marketing and other online methods often get more attention.

The topic also is key to increasing ad inventory and revenue. Even better, a site with increasing page views offers a great way to judge site quality. (more…)

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Google Analytics for Mobile: How-to and Best Practices

Google Analytics for mobile reports are incredibly useful for analyzing website trends and user behavior of people who visit with smartphones.

Mobile usage is skyrocketing and surpassing desktop. Any website publisher who wants to capture more mobile visitors and maximize their engagement should use mobile data in Google Analytics to see how to make website improvements and where to make them. (more…)

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