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Mobile first

‘Mobile First Strategy’ Depends on Site Analytics

When Google announces, online publishers jump. When Google says a “mobile first strategy” is paradise for high search rankings, should publishers jump again?

The answer is yes and no. (more…)

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Online sales

Online Advertising Budgets Get Help From Simple Ratio

Website owners who develop online advertising budgets can use a simple ratio from newspapers and broadcasters that makes predicting revenue much easier.

Tradition media companies struggle with finding a rational way to set goals for their online advertising budgets. Online revenue is growing rapidly, and it’s also highly volatile.


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Google Ads

Google Ads Cost Based on Simple ROI Calculation

The cost Google Ads is worthwhile if it provides a good return on investment. Whether it does depends on making some careful and important choices.

The most important measures that go into an ROI for Google Ads are revenue and profit. The revenue measure is misleading. The profit measure matters much more. (more…)

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Google Analytics goals

Use Google Analytics Goals to Sharpen Site Focus

The Google Analytics goals report is useful in helping anyone who wants to build an online business.

The Analytics goals report allows user to set specific goals for how visitors interact with a site. It also tracks how effectively the site delivers on those goals. (more…)

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Online audience measurement

Return Visits Show How Much Audiences Value a Site

Return visits is an important metric in website analytics because it reveals the value of a site to its visitors.

Visitor who come back to the site are indicating it has given them more than one reason to engage with it. With return visits, they bring the potential for more ecommerce and advertising sales, more email newsletter subscriptions and a stronger brand presence. (more…)

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YouTube suggested videos

YouTube SEO Matters More Than Suggested Videos

YouTube SEO is an important tactic in attracting more viewers to publisher videos.

Video producers who rely on YouTube’s “suggested videos” feature will find it is more risky to getting viewership than the search feature. (more…)

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