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How to Target One Zip Code with Online Advertising

Advertisers who target one zip code increase their costs efficiency as well as their return on investment of labor and money.

The growth of online advertising is partly due to its efficiency and effective use of cash compared to other forms of advertising. (more…)

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What is Share of Voice in Online Advertising?

Share of Voice advertising is an objective method for measuring the total reach or share of an advertising budget within a target market or even an individual product.

The definition of Share of Voice (SOV) varies somewhat in the real world. For example, some traditional definitions describe SOV as the share or total amount of advertising in traditional media compared to all competitors. (more…)

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Sales Pipeline Report Helps Revenue Performance

A direct sales pipeline report is an insightful way to increase the odds of success with online advertising.

What is a pipeline report? It is a detailed list of accounts that salespeople have pitched but not closed. Whether an online business is one person who does it all or a much bigger operation with a sales staff, a pipeline report is a useful tactic for increasing revenue. (more…)

social media

Use Social Media Marketing Strategy to Drive Ad Revenue

A social media marketing strategy can build brand and drive traffic to the parent website. It also can boost advertising revenue.

Isn’t that the ultimate goal of the strategy anyway? A limited view of social media is that Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., simply acquire followers who like the company’s product or service. Job done. Ego gets a boost. (more…)

Online business success

Advertiser Retention Rates Depend on Tracking Results

Advertiser retention rates rise when publishers track and adjust campaign performance on a regular basis.

A question came up one day about the retention rates of our online display advertisers. We were surprised by the answer. (more…)

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Web design

What is a Homepage Takeover Ad Campaign?

A homepage takeover consists of one or more ads that take over all advertising space on the homepage of a website for a limited amount of time.

For example, a retailer has its biggest sale of the year on a Sunday. It buys a 728 x 90 ad at the top of the website homepage, a responsive vertical ad in a right column and a responsive horizontal ad in the middle of the page. It’s all about dominating the space with one advertiser.


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Online ad inventory

Online Ad Inventory: 2 Tactics That Increase Revenue

Website publishers who manage online ad inventory will almost certainly grow more revenue than sites that don’t manage it.

The concept is easy for website publishers to overlook when so much else requires their attention. (more…)

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