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Online Sales Promotion Lays Groundwork for More Revenue

Online sales promotion is a series of tactics that leads a customer to make a purchase or click on an ad on a website.

It is both simple to implement and often results in easy money. Yes, it can result in easy money. (more…)

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Selling Tip: Focus on Close Ratio for Better Results

Online sales contractAn important concept in selling of any type is the close ratio — or the number of successful contracts divided by the total number of contracts pitched to prospects.

Web selling takes many forms:

  • A site run by a single person who sells links;
  • A large media site with 20 account executives and hundreds of local accounts;
  • A Web design company trying to land the next site development contract.


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Sample Online Advertising Rate Cards

Searching for sample online rate cards is no easy task, but once found, the comparisons are revealing about advertising strategy and pricing.

The following rate cards have been posted on their respective Web sites for public access. It is important to note that they are subject to change at any time, so timestamps are provided when available. (more…)

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Newspapers Benefit from Classified Upsells

Mature online newspapers now generate more revenue from online-only classified ads than classified upsells. Other newspapers rely heavily on upsells and are creating opportunities for online-only competition to win over their customers with lower prices.

A number of papers still sees a significant amount of revenue from classified upsells, while some, even now, don?t charge anything separately for an upsell. They bundle it in with the print ad in one price, which often is used to justify the print side and ends up devaluing the online portion. (more…)

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AdSense Revenue for Newspaper and TV Sites

Google AdSense is an effective option for filling unsold ad inventory on a newspaper or TV Web site.

Many media sites use remnant advertising from major national networks that display graphical banners of well-known major brands. AdSense is more likely to display a series of text ads.

The graphical ads look good. The text ads don’t look so good.

Which option sounds better, graphical ads that pay less money or text ads that pay more? (more…)

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Staffing Guidelines for Online Newspapers

You don’t have time for your online newspaper. You don’t have enough staff. Should you hire someone to work on it? How can you hire someone when budgets are being cut?

Staffing an online newspaper is full of issues whether a paper is a weekly, metro daily or somewhere in-between. Here are six principles for making decisions about staffing for online newspaper publishing. (more…)

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Newspapers Need Online-Only Classifieds to Protect Market Share

Newspapers that consider offering online-only classified line ads to their customers often do so with trepidation.

The worries are common. We need to build our weakening print liner volume. We don’t need to develop a product with lower revenue and that will encourage our print customers to buy online-only and discourage them from buying print anymore. (more…)

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