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How Social Listening Benefits Your Business

When it comes to interacting with customers, social media has become an integral part of a brand’s engagement strategy. Social listening is more than setting up a simple Google alert for your brand or keyword. It is about finding where the relevant conversations are happening and why. (more…)

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DuckDuckGo logo

DuckDuckGo Delivers Small But Growing Threat to Google and Bing

DuckDuckGo is starting to quack a lot louder at Google and Bing in the search engine market.

The privacy-focused search engine, which launched in 2008, recently announced it reached a new milestone of 30 million queries a day, according to its Twitter account. (more…)

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Email Marketing Content Improves With Inverted Pyramid

Email marketing content becomes more valuable to subscribers if it follows a journalism concept called the inverted pyramid.

In journalism, the inverted pyramid is a method for writing a news article. It means the writer should put the most important information at the top of the article and the least important at the bottom. (more…)

Social Media Portfolio Protects Business From Risk

A portfolio of online marketing products and services will protect a business from a collapsing vendor.

Internet history is filled with failed websites that offered marketing services. One of the biggest is the closing of Google Plus, Google’s massive attempt to develop a social media platform. (more…)

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Basic SEO tips

10 Basic SEO Tips Build Search Rankings

Anyone looking for SEO tips about organic search will find an overwhelming number of suggestions online. Just a few guidelines are a good start for a busy business owner or small online staffs. (more…)

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RSS to email

Free RSS to Email Saves Time, Effort and Money

Email marketing may not be as popular as it was in the past thanks to the growth of social media, but it still has a solid place in a website’s marketing efforts.

But like all marketing efforts, building and distributing an email newsletter takes time and effort that is becoming more stretched in a competitive environment. (more…)

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Bing and Google Can See SEO Quite Differently

Bing and Google search algorithms are often baffling even to experts in part because they constantly change.

Search engine optimization is a challenge as a result. Although it’s possible to come up with general SEO guidelines, they are built on sand. They must evolve with time and a changing environment. (more…)

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