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What is a Page View and Why Does It Matter?

What is a page view? A page view is a metric in website analytics. It measures a website visitor who views one page on that site.

The term is clear, but why it matters is much more complex. Understanding all of the factors that impact a page view can lead to more audience, more revenue and higher rankings in search engines. (more…)

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Analytics Location Report Builds Geo Targeting Strategy

The Google Analytics location report is a useful tool in building conversions through geo targeting. It is especially useful in local search engine optimization.

What is local search engine optimization? It is a strategy whereby a business recognizes that it has customers only from a defined area. In the case of Google Analytics, the “local” areas are nation, state and city. (more…)

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Analytics Event Tracking Improves Site Navigation

Analytics event tracking in Google Analytics can make a major impact on audience metrics such as page views, time on site and even return visits.

For example, website publishers can apply it to site navigation to see which links generate clicks and which don’t. The data will tell them which links should stay in navigation and which links are replaceable, preferably with better ones.


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YouTube metrics

How to Use the YouTube Keyword Tool

Publishers look for a YouTube keyword tool on other websites to help them optimize their videos for YouTube search. But YouTube already has a useful keyword tool.

Why do they want a YouTube keyword tool? Because it helps them identify keywords that rank their videos better on both YouTube itself and also in Google search. (more…)

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Landing page

What Does a Selling Landing Page Consist Of? Required Components for High Conversion

A landing page is most often a one-page website, the main purpose of which is to promote a certain product or service.

It is a detailed format of an advertising offer containing comprehensive information about the product. Its peculiarity is the presence of enticing CTA (call to action) elements in the design of the landing page website. For example, buttons with motivational labels, countdown timers, etc. (more…)

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Search engine titles

What is the Best Google Title Length?

The best Google title length for search engine optimization is about 60 characters. But there is more to the story.

A review of titles in Google search results showed a fairly consistent pattern with how long a title can go before Google cuts it off with ellipses. (more…)

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Google Analytics for Mobile: How-to and Best Practices

Google Analytics for mobile reports are incredibly useful for analyzing website trends and user behavior of people who visit with smartphones.

Mobile usage is skyrocketing and surpassing desktop. Any website publisher who wants to capture more mobile visitors and maximize their engagement should use mobile data in Google Analytics to see how to make website improvements and where to make them. (more…)

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