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High Quality Backlinks Rise and Fall with Sites Providing Them

Website managers who emphasize search engine optimization know that finding high quality backlinks is like finding a pot of gold.

Search engines love those kinds of links because they represent a vote in favor of the site getting the link. (more…)

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Google Ads keyword mapping

Google Ads Management Tip: Mapping Keywords, Ads and Landing Pages

Keyword mapping is one of the simplest tactics with Google Ads management and is an essential part for any beginner in online advertising.

Mapping starts with creating a spreadsheet that links the three most important elements of the campaign. (more…)

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Google Ads

How to Use Google Ads Keyword Planner for Best Results

The Google Ads keyword planner is one of the best ways to research keywords for search engine optimization. But it also has some limitations.

Although the planner is available for publishers who want to run search engine marketing campaigns on Google Ads, it’s also useful for anyone who wants to improve organic search results. (more…)

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Google Ads

How to Create a Google Ads Strategy for Beginners

A Google Ads strategy for beginners starts with defining a few simple goals. Knowing these goals will help with the expectations and results of a campaign.

Possible goals include:

  1. Using the monthly promotional budget efficiently.
  2. Growing the product — whether the campaign targets the entire site or part of it.
  3. Using the best keywords that represent that target.
  4. Limiting the cost of those keywords, determined by the Ads Keyword Tool.
  5. Delivering a nearly exact total for the resulting traffic, which is the monthly budget divided by the average cost per click.
  6. A meaningful return on investment, i.e., profit, increases in audience, etc.


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Google Ads

Google Ad Strategy Delivers Efficient Pay Per Click

A Google ad strategy is an inexpensive, efficient and highly educational way of driving targeted pay-per-click traffic to a website.

It can be inexpensive because there is no minimum monthly charge. (more…)

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Bounce rate

Tackle Analytics Bounce Rate 1 Page at a Time

The analytics bounce rate is an excellent way to measure the quality of a website from a product and user point of view.

It measures the number of times someone comes to the site from an external source, views one page and leaves again without clicking on any other pages. A better bounce rate means more page views and potentially more revenue. (more…)

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Keyword density

How Keyword Density Impacts Search Engine Optimization

Like many SEO practices, keyword density is a moving target. The rules keep changing over time.

Keyword density is an SEO tactic that suggests how many times a particular keyword should appear in a document. Locations in a document include its title, meta description, headline, body copy, image name, image caption and image alt tag, among other opportunities. (more…)

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