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Online advertising ROI

Online Advertising ROI: 3 Useful Metrics to Know

Online advertising ROI or return on investment is a major consideration for anyone who focuses on response rates more than branding.

Response and branding are the two primary benefits of any advertising campaign. But every campaign has varying degrees of response and branding. Some are mostly or entirely response oriented and others emphasize branding.



How to Price Ebooks for Maximum Profit (Part 2)

How to price ebooks may result in maximum sales and profit or squash both at the same time. The best ebook pricing strategy finds a balance between price and volume.

Ebook sales follow a fundamental rule of economics. The higher the price, the more likely the sales volume will slow or even decline. The lower the price, the more likely sales volume will increase. (more…)

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RSS to email

Free RSS to Email Saves Time, Effort and Money

Email marketing may not be as popular as it was in the past thanks to the growth of social media, but it still has a solid place in a website’s marketing efforts.

But like all marketing efforts, building and distributing an email newsletter takes time and effort that is becoming more stretched in a competitive environment. (more…)

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Local Online Marketing Strategy Depends on Careful Targeting

Local online marketing is successful when the effort focuses on a combination of careful targeting and cost efficiency.

Consistent effort also helps quite a bit.

Businesses that target locally come in two main flavors. They are either national companies with a local presence or local companies with of course just a local presence. (more…)

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Facebook logo

Facebook Search Engine Also Delivers Website Visitors

The Facebook search engine is a good source of visitors to websites that post links there.

The social media giant is mostly known among website publishers for pages where they microblog. Publishers post a brief item, ideally including a photo, that also has a link to an expanded article on their websites. (more…)

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Effective Content Marketing Often Begins with a Question

Effective content marketing, like any type of content, often begins with a question.

The question doesn’t have to appear in the actual written content. Instead, the question should dominate the thought process that eventually leads to the article. The article should answer the question from every possible point of view. (more…)

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SEO Content Audits Improve Chances of Better Rankings

An SEO content audit is a periodic review of some or all content on a website to determine if it has the best possible search engine optimization.

There is no such thing as perfect content in any publishing environment, and that includes websites. So the first version of an article always has potential for better quality, more length or improvements in SEO. (more…)

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