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User Generated Content: Let Chaos Reign?

User generated content on a site starts with one simple decision. It is whether to moderate the content or let every single posting go live.

Moderation is necessary for most sites. UGC requires moderation for sites that want to maintain a degree of credibility with their visitors. (more…)

User registration and subscription

User Registration Strategy Builds Audience Insight for Advertisers

User registration is an opportunity to capture specific and useful information about website visitors that will lead to a better product and more revenue.

Registration serves two purposes:

  1. Provide an extra revenue stream from people who pay for access.
  2. Acquire demographic, geographic and psychographic profiles of the users so publishers can create targeted advertising.


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SEO content writing

What is Content Development for Websites?

Content development for websites is a strategy and process for publishing information that readers find useful, accurate, timely, important, engaging or entertaining.

It has its foundation in older forms of traditional publishing or broadcasting such as books, magazines, newspapers, radio and television. (more…)

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Mobile Web Development Best Done in Stages

Online publishers take the simplest and least risky path to mobile web development by doing it in stages. It is especially true for small and mid-sized companies with limited budgets and resources.

A conservative approach is a way of gaining insights about what kind of mobile site works best with customers and then making changes to enhance the experience. (more…)

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Unique visitors

How to Understand Unique Visitors in Google Analytics

Unique visitors in Google Analytics, also known as “Users”, is an invaluable tool for measuring, tracking and understanding a site’s audience.

The official Google Analytics definition of this Web metric was: “Unique Visitors is the number of unduplicated (counted only once) visitors to your website over the course of a specified time period.”


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Increase Page Views to Build Ad Inventory and Revenue

How to increase page views is one of the most fundamental tactics of online publishing. But social media, SEO, email marketing and other online methods often get more attention.

The topic also is key to increasing ad inventory and revenue. Even better, a site with increasing page views offers a great way to judge site quality. (more…)

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Website archive

URL Structure Signals Useful SEO Information

The URL structure of a website article sends important information to search engines about the article’s content. This in turn creates the potential for better search engine optimization.

The Uniform Resource Locator or URL specifies the location of a page (or resource) and tells search engines and web surfers how and where to find it. (more…)

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