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Guest Post Strategy Works Best With Strict Rules

A guest post strategy is necessary for any website that accepts paid or unpaid articles from outside contributors.

A strategy defines the rules that determine what the contributor can write and how well it fits the site’s theme and brand. So rules of conduct are absolutely necessary. (more…)

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Web design

Is Your Website Design Hurting Your SEO?

Having an attractive website for your business is no longer optional. It’s now a necessity in today’s digital world.

But what you might not realize is that how your website looks isn’t everything. If your site doesn’t function in the way that web users expect, its visual appeal won’t really matter – to humans or to search engines. (more…)

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Long form content

What is Long Form Content and How Does It Help SEO?

Long form content is a concept and tactic in online publishing that improves reader engagement and search engine optimization at the same time.

Long, well-written articles offer more information to readers. They also benefit SEO because they potentially have more keywords that may improve search engine rankings for the article. (more…)

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PageSpeed Insights

Google Adding New Features to PageSpeed Insights

Google is adding new features to PageSpeed Insights that the company hopes will make the analytic tool easier to understand.

What is PageSpeed Insights? It is an insightful report that strives to measure and rank websites according to Google performance standards. (more…)

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World map

Website Audience Geography Gives Voice to Content

Website audience geography is useful to know in developing more relevant content and better SEO profiles.

Two actual sites reveal some stark differences in the location of their visitors. One has 73 percent of its total audience from the United States. The other has only 37 percent from the U.S. (more…)

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Online Polling Tools Rarely Give Good Data

Online polling tools surged in popularity after they were first developed and remained in vogue for a number of years. But they have faded for good reason.

They don’t have any credibility, and many people know it. (more…)

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Words and letters

Word Count Audit for SEO Uncovers Weak Articles

A periodic word count audit for SEO is a simple way to identify articles on a website that need help with search engine optimization.

SEO experts commonly recommend that articles should have at least 300 words to get some respect from search engines. That belief has evidence to back it up. (more…)

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