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Blog Content Strategy Includes Existing Posts

An effective blog content strategy should include a regular review of old posts to see which ones have value as evergreen content. They have great potential to attract even more.

Sometimes the best parts of a blog are overlooked by the blogger because they are old and forgotten posts. But that doesn’t mean the search engines have forgotten about them. (more…)

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Website Development Cost: How to Keep It Low

How much should website development cost? The cost should reflect a reasonable percentage of a business marketing budget.

Think of the cost in the same way as the cost of producing a radio or television commercial. The development cost of the commercial is separate from the promotional cost of it. (more…)

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Basic Web Design Covers 9 Important Steps

Basic Web design is appropriate for the great majority of sites because they are limited by how much time they need and what they are trying to accomplish.

What is basic Web design? It is a strategy of designing a site in the simplest way possible because simple sites require less time, money and effort to maintain. Simplicity means using the least HTML and CSS code possible.


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5 Web Design Principles Improve Site Quality

Building a high-quality website requires following certain web design principles that used to be a matter of opinion.

More often they are now based on facts that publishers discover in website analytics. (more…)

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Block Bad Search Engine Spiders and Save Money

Search engine spiders are valuable when they bring free audience to a site through their organic search results. But some search spiders are malicious and come at a cost.

They are malicious when they come from a product that doesn’t provide any audience. They are even more malicious when they pound a site to the point where they become a drain on server resources.


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7 Best Content Marketing Tools for 2022

Content marketing is a subset of digital marketing. Content marketing can be described as the use of content to increase exposure, convert leads, and garner customer loyalty and trust. In simpler terms, it can be said to be the use of content for the purpose of marketing. (more…)

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Content management systems

Content Management Systems: An Introduction

Publishers who have launched multiple sites on different online content management systems end up with valuable lessons about picking the right CMS.

Small businesses that want a strong marketing presence can take these lessons to heart in choosing what system to use. (more…)

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