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How to Analyze Ebook Advertising on Amazon

Ebook advertising on Amazon requires ongoing attention and analysis to achieve the best possible results.

It also requires a learning curve for anyone who wants to improve performance. Even so, the results of an Amazon advertising campaign will vary somewhat from month to month. (more…)

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Kindle DIrect Publishing

KDP Select Offers More Money for Exclusivity

Amazon’s KDP Select program offers more money to book publishers if they publish exclusively with Amazon. But is the exclusivity worthwhile? (more…)

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Quality Content Drives Amazon Ebook Marketing

Ebook marketing and especially Amazon ebook marketing is much easier when the book’s content does most of the selling.

Consider the following all-important fact. On Amazon and other ebook sites, book buyers can look inside the ebook editions to see sample pages. (more…)

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How to Run Amazon Kindle Advertising Campaigns

Ebook publishers who want to generate sales on Amazon may have no choice but to run Kindle advertising campaigns to promote their books.

The reason is simple. Amazon has millions of ebooks. In many cases, there are multiple books and sometimes even dozens of them on the same subject. (more…)

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How to Price Ebooks for Maximum Profit (Part 2)

How to price ebooks may result in maximum sales and profit or squash both at the same time. The best ebook pricing strategy finds a balance between price and volume.

Ebook sales follow a fundamental rule of economics. The higher the price, the more likely the sales volume will slow or even decline. The lower the price, the more likely sales volume will increase. (more…)

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Ebook Marketing Works Best With Niche Audiences

Effective ebook marketing requires more than using various tactics that try to persuade people to buy a book. It also takes book content that works well with niche audiences.

So an ebook marketing strategy begins with the content of the book. A writer who publishes a book on a general subject such as travel will have a much harder time reaching an audience than if the book is about cruises or resorts. (more…)

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Cross Platform Publishing Adds Value to Content

Cross platform publishing is a content management strategy that increases the value of content by making it useful in multiple distribution channels.

It’s also another way of increasing the return on investment of the labor and any other costs that go into content. (more…)

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