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About Us

About Us Pages Get Prominence, Demand Attention

“About Us” pages often receive high prominence in website navigation and architecture. They should, because About Us tells an important story about the site’s brand and mission.

Any credible website publishers who care about their brand and reputation want to put forth the best possible impression. A good About Us page is a small but important part of any website marketing strategy. (more…)

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Offline marketing tactics

Offline Marketing Tactics Add to Site Brand

Traditional small business find that offline marketing tactics are useful in boosting audience and revenue for their websites. And websites are helpful in return for the traditional small business.

Businesses have many priorities and distractions. Marketing is of course a priority. But businesses often think of major promotional channels such as online, radio, TV, cable and print.  They often have many minor but still useful channels as well.

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Facebook logo

Facebook as a Marketing Tool: Branding Versus Response

Facebook as a marketing tool is a struggle between branding and response. Its usefulness varies widely from one company page to another and especially from one industry to another.

The dent in the wall of my office comes from beating my head against it over the use of Facebook for marketing. (more…)

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Online brand marketing

Brand Your Business With Banner Ad Promotions

The best banner ad promotions market an online and offline business with a mix of branding and response.

Promoting an online or offline business is not entirely about pay per click advertising, which in the case of the search engines emphasize text ads. (more…)

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Pay per click campaigns

Track Pay Per Click ROI with 2 Simple Metrics

Pay per click ROI requires a successful payback like any other promotional channel. But what is the right return on investment?

A report from The Nielsen Company indicates that online advertising has the highest ROI of any medium. It says that the short term ROI on all channels is 109 percent and for online it is 218 percent. (more…)

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User-Generated Content Can Hurt Site Image

User-generated content adds value to a website, but it comes with disadvantages for advertising and marketing as well.


The term user-generated content is popular among media sites and closely tied to the hyperlocal concept. (more…)

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Social media

Facebook Marketing Strategy: Get Automated

A solid Facebook marketing strategy can increase traffic to a website. But it also is possible to spend too much time on social media platforms and end up disappointed  in the results.

Automation can save time and increase ROI. (more…)

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