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Effective online banner advertising has two main functions — branding and response — but ads don’t always do both jobs equally well. Discover useful tips and tactics in building a banner for any online business.

Online marketing

Online Advertising Sizes: Best Display Banners

The following online advertising sizes offer insights for both website publishers and website advertisers. (more…)

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Banner ad design

Online Banner Advertising: 6 Rules for Best Results

Online banner advertising gets results for publishers and clients by following six simple ideas.

The ideas may be obvious, but following them consistently is key to success. But following them consistently also is not a given because publishers and clients get distracted by other priorities and may forget to follow at least some of them. (more…)

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Reading ease

Right Banner Ad Sizes Impact Revenue Results

Banner ad sizes more than ever have an impact on revenue performance if they are both bigger and more viewable for website visitors.

To be truly effective, advertising has to deliver results for both the publisher and the advertiser. (more…)

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Online business success

Advertiser Retention Rates Depend on Tracking Results

Advertiser retention rates rise when publishers track and adjust campaign performance on a regular basis.

A question came up one day about the retention rates of our online display advertisers. We were surprised by the answer. (more…)

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Best Display Ads Combine Branding and Response

The best display ads have two main functions — branding and response. But ads don’t always do both jobs equally well. Which purpose makes the most sense? It depends on the campaign.

The early days of online advertising based its reputation on clicks, which is the main response function of the ads. Google ads in particular still emphasize clicks because they are pay per click ads.


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Click through rates

Average Click Rates Reveal Best and Worst Ad Placements

The average click through rates for online advertising depend on the location of the ads and whether they are static, targeted or contextual.

Although publishers and advertisers may want to know the national rate, a national rate isn’t useful. Every website has different results. Publishers and advertisers should focus more on improving their rates. (more…)

Targeted advertising

Best Online Advertising Types Are Efficiency Machines

The best online advertising types are measurable in terms of their response rates and return on investment. They also are efficient with time and money.

Do they generate clicks, sales, signups, social follows, return visits or other measures of success? Does the result more than pay for the cost in labor and cash? (more…)

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