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Social Media Sharing and Following Are 2 Different Animals

Social media sharing involves different motives by visitors than social media following. It depends on the site content.

News sites offer a great example of these different behaviors. They often update multiple times a day and therefore update their social media accounts multiple times a day. (more…)

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Why Social Media Doesn’t Work Sometimes

Social media doesn’t work for some publishers and business owners no matter how hard they try. Several important reasons explain why.

The explanation begins by identifying some of the reasons  why companies do social media. Five reasons explain why. They do it to: (more…)

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How to Use Pinterest as a Business Marketing Tool

Pinterest example

Pinterest is a series of collections based on visual appeal.

How to use Pinterest for business depends first on understanding its potential and the ways it benefits any individual user or business with an interest in marketing.

Pinterest is a small business marketing tool, social media site and multimedia collection site all at the same time. (more…)

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Facebook Marketing Strategy: Get Automated

A solid Facebook marketing strategy can increase traffic to a website. But it also is possible to spend too much time on social media platforms and end up disappointed  in the results.

Automation can save time and increase ROI. (more…)

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How Social Listening Benefits Your Business

When it comes to interacting with customers, social listening has become an integral part of a brand’s engagement strategy.

Social listening is more than setting up a simple Google alert for your brand or keyword. It is about finding where the relevant conversations are happening and why. (more…)

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How to Get Facebook Fans: A Simple Approach

Getting Facebook fans isn’t that difficult for anyone with a small to medium-sized business.

Fan building is the cornerstone of a social media marketing strategy, which is valuable to any businesses seeking new ways to promote themselves online. (more…)

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10 Twitter Marketing Tips

The best Twitter marketing tips are simple to implement because Twitter itself is one of the simplest tools on the Internet.

Simplicity translates into less work, which leaves more time to focus on other activities. Less work also is important because, at least for some clients, Twitter delivers fewer results than other social media platforms. (more…)

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