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Social Media Marketing Requires Being Selective

Social media marketing is a strategy that targets users of Facebook, Twitter and other sites that allow people talk to each other online.

But maybe, just maybe, it misses the bigger picture and sends online marketers down the second-best path. (more…)

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Facebook as a Marketing Tool: Branding Versus Response

Facebook as a marketing tool is a struggle between branding and response. Its usefulness varies widely from one company page to another and especially from one industry to another.

The dent in the wall of my office comes from beating my head against it over the use of Facebook for marketing. (more…)

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Social Media Conversion Rate Beats Email Marketing

Social media is worth doing only if it results in converting likes or followers into some benefit for the business. The same can be said about email marketing.

That benefit can be in the form of website traffic, advertising clicks, ecommerce transactions, subscriptions, etc. (more…)

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Social Media Tracking for Small Business Guides Time and Effort

Tracking performance in social media accounts can range from a small effort to a big one.

Small efforts make sense for small businesses that simply don’t have the time, staff and budget to do any more. (more…)

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Facebook Advertising Excels for Certain Categories

The effectiveness of Facebook advertising has been the subject of many debates among online marketers.

Some say it’s effective and others say it’s just too expensive. (more…)

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How to Use Facebook Hashtags to Reach More Audience

Using Facebook hashtags is a sure way to reach more people with posts from a page.

How to use Facebook hashtags is simple. Add the pound symbol (#) at the end of a post. Usually, the hashtag represents a word that is in the post. For example, the following actual post has three keyword phrases — Port Canaveral, Disney World and Universal Studios — that also appear as hashtags: (more…)

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Email Subscribers, Social Followers Often Act Alike

Email subscribers and social media followers have a lot in common according to metrics that  track their behavior.

More importantly, this behavior applies to how they go from email or social media and click into a core website. (more…)

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