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10 Twitter Marketing Tips

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The best Twitter marketing tips are simple to implement because Twitter itself is one of the simplest tools on the Internet.

Simplicity translates into less work, which leaves more time to focus on other activities. Less work also is important because, at least for some clients, Twitter delivers fewer results than other social media platforms.

That doesn’t mean a business shouldn’t use Twitter. It’s just that some will find it more useful than others.

Like most online promotional channels, having an effective Twitter presence is a combination of quality and quantity of effort.

Here are 10 tips for achieving a Twitter presence.

1. Automate Postings

Automation is one way to start an account with a minimal amount of effort while achieving a decent level of quantity. But it doesn’t necessarily provide a decent level of quality.

Automation requires having an RSS feed for your Website or a social posting plugin available for content management systems such as WordPress. Twitter can’t accept the feed directly, but it will accept it through other services such as HootSuite and TwitterFeed.

2. Make it personal and interesting

Anyone can post basic information. What makes it stand out is that extra twist which draws attention and a higher probability of a click.

If RSS items are being automatically posted, it doesn’t mean all items are being posted.
Add tweets that make your feed more lively, humorous and appealing. Comment on previous tweets including the ones that are automated.

Develop a personality for your presence that will make it more fun.

3. Use keywords

Like any other Web presence, the use of keywords will increase the odds of a click and a stronger distribution.

Do keyword research using tools such as the Google AdWords Keyword Tool that will help identify good keywords.

If the keywords have a strong level of activity, it shows that those keywords draw interest and appeal naturally to online users.

4. Target with hashtags

Related to the use of keywords is hashtags, i.e., #travel or #football.

“The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages,” Twitter says in its help section.

When a hashtag is used, it is turned into a link that takes visitors to other related tweets.
Likewise, anyone looking at the tweets within that hashtag section may see your tweet and click on it.

5. Provide good links

Business users of Twitter may tweet simply for branding purposes, but many include a link to important content.

Links to quality content on a strong landing page will increase the odds of more followers who pay more attention to your tweets.

6. Post often

Many posts throughout the day will not go well with Facebook users. It doesn’t seem to matter much with Twitter.

The nature of tweeting allows you to post often. The more, the better because of the lower probability of a click than with a Facebook fan page or other social media channels.

Posting often also increases the probability of getting more followers, especially if hashtags are used.

7. Develop Profile Page for SEO

Twitter profile pages get ranked in search engines, especially if they are unique and well-optimized. Treat the page accordingly by putting keywords on it.

Two main opportunities exist — the profile name and the bio.

The profile name is normally the person’s name, but it can be any two or three words (with a limited amount of space).

Likewise, the bio has a limited amount of space, but it also can have keywords built into it.
The end result is a page that might achieve a higher ranking in the search engines.

8. Reciprocate with followers

The simple truth is that some people follow because they are interested in what you tweet, but many follow because they hope you will reciprocate.

If you have a small presence, there is no harm in following someone who has chosen to follow you.

But it also is wise to look at their profile to make sure it won’t harm your credibility. As the follower list grows, it also helps to weed out ones that don’t have quality posts.

9. Send a message to new follows

When you follow someone, you gain the ability to send them a direct message. Some Twitter users will send a message thanking the person for following and then ask for something, such as liking the Facebook page, offering a service, etc.

However, be aware of using the ability in a responsible way to avoid losing the follower due to the perception of spam.

10. Market and Synchronize Your Account

Most Internet users have multiple profiles and accounts. Post a link to your Twitter profile in all other profiles that accept such a link.

Put the link on your Website, include it in email signatures and post it everywhere possible to maximize its exposure.

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