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How to Use Facebook Hashtags to Reach More Audience

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Using Facebook hashtags is a sure way to reach more people with posts from a page.

How to use Facebook hashtags is simple. Add the pound symbol (#) at the end of a post. Usually, the hashtag represents a word that is in the post. For example, the following actual post has three keyword phrases — Port Canaveral, Disney World and Universal Studios — that also appear as hashtags:

Families may combine a world-famous amusement park and a Caribbean cruise thanks to Port Canaveral. It’s only an hour away from Disney World and Universal Studios.
#portcanaveral #disneyworld #universalstudios

The post ends up with three channels of distribution. They are:

  1. People who follow the page.
  2. People who use the Facebook search function for the keyword phrase, i.e., “Port Canaveral”.
  3. Other people who use the Facebook search function using the hashtag, i.e., “#portcanaveral”.

Same Function, Different Audiences

Channels two and three use the same search function, but they produce different results. A search on the keyword phrase produces a limited version of the post, especially if it has a photo. A search on the hashtag produces an expanded version of the post, again, especially if it has a photo.

This means the distribution reaches people who use search in two completely different ways. The first group uses the Facebook search function like any search engine. The second group is savvy with social media and in the habit of using hashtags on other social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram.

Importantly, Facebook marketers should avoid using too many hashtags because they tend to junk up and overwhelm the post. A good rule of thumb is one or two hashtags on most posts and no more than three.

To test the results, simply do a post with hashtags and then search both ways to see the results. The resulting display will help tailor future posts.

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