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Google AdSense Alternatives Often Bring 6 Added Risks

Google’s industry-dominating AdSense product provides online publishers with enough paying ads to fill an entire site.

Some sites use AdSense to fill remnant ad space that hasn’t been sold to direct sales clients. Other sites are entirely filled with AdSense. Still more use the product with AdSense alternatives. (more…)

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AdSense CPM

AdSense CPM Depends on Category and Tactics

The average Google AdSense CPM is a subject of serious debate for webmasters all over the Internet, and the answers vary all over as well.

It is against the terms of conditions for Google AdSense for any site publisher to disclose its click-through rates or other statistics about a site’s performance. (more…)

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Should You Sell Your Own Ads on Your Website?

Many publishers reach a point where they wonder if they should sell ads on their own websites.

They often already make money by displaying ads from Google AdSense, and other vendors on their sites. (more…)

Mobile web development

AdSense Reveals Negative Trend in Mobile Advertising

AdSense mobile ads provide great clues to the trends and the future of mobile advertising.

The ad network from Google allows publishers to put advertisers on their Web sites and earn money every time people click on the ads. (more…)

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Increase AdSense Revenue with Simple Tips

Online profitGoogle AdSense  is the single largest concentration of network advertising on the Internet, partly because it is so effective in producing revenue for partner Web sites.

One of the best ways to increase AdSense revenue is is not what you do with the ads. It’s what you do with the content on the page that holds the ads.

Implementing best practices for both the content on the page and the presentation of the ads on the page will improve results. But eliminating certain bad practices also will improve them.


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AdSense Optimization Boosts Revenue with a Few Simple Steps

AdSense optimization is based on some of the same concepts as search engine optimization. It’s worthwhile to consider what happens without it.

AdSense logoAsk someone for a lot of money and don’t tell them why. They aren’t likely to hand over a dime.

Place contextual advertising such as Google AdSense on your Web site and don’t optimize your pages. The end result is no different. It is like asking Google for ads but not telling the ad-serving platform what is on the page. As a result, the platform won’t be able to deliver targeted advertising.

The entire basis of success with AdSense is targeted (contextual) advertising. The more optimized the page, the more targeted the ads on the page. (more…)

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How to Use Mobile Text Ads for Extra Revenue Stream

Anyone who publishes a mobile-friendly site often finds that one of the greatest challenges is getting it to produce a decent amount of revenue.

Mobile text ads help solve that problem by providing an alternative ad type to mobile sites that seem to rely so heavily on display.

Visit numerous mobile sites with a smartphone browser to see what kind of advertising types they provide. The great majority have display ads, but most do not offer text ads. (more…)

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