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Learn AdSense tips that help improve total revenue and click rates.

Google AdSense Alternatives Often Bring 6 Added Risks

Google AdSense alternatives are popular with website publishers who have been rejected by AdSense or who are looking for new sources of revenue.

Google’s industry-dominating AdSense product provides online publishers with enough paying ads to fill an entire site. (more…)

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Should You Sell Your Own Online Ads? 5 Questions to Answer

Website publishers who want to sell online ads should try to answer five questions before taking such a big step.

Many publishers reach a point where they wonder if they should sell online ads on their own websites. (more…)

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Google AdSense strategy

Increase AdSense Revenue with 4 Simple Tips

One of the best ways to increase AdSense revenue is not what you do with the ads. It’s what you do with the content on the page that holds the ads.

Google AdSense  is the single largest concentration of network advertising on the Internet, partly because it is so effective in producing revenue for partner websites. (more…)

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Google AdSense strategy

AdSense Experiments Show How to Increase Website Revenue

The AdSense Experiments tool is an easy way to test ad optimization and potentially increase revenue.

Google offers the tool to website publishers who are eager to increase revenue with a minimum amount of effort. To find AdSense Experiments, click on Optimization in the left column and then Experiments. Click on New Experiment. (more…)

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Page Updates Benefit AdSense and Search Rankings

Frequent page updates often lead to better numbers for both contextual advertising and search engine optimization.

The concept of content updates may cover just about any element in an article or document including: (more…)

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Google AdSense strategy

AdSense Optimization Boosts Revenue with a Few Simple Steps

AdSense optimization improves with proper use of keywords, colors, placements and content quality.

Optimization of the Google ad network is based on some of the same concepts as search engine optimization. It’s worthwhile to consider what happens without it. (more…)

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AdSense on WordPress: Tips for Best Results

The major advantage for publishers who put Google AdSense on WordPress sites is obvious: more revenue. What’s not obvious is the best way to do it.

Combining the world’s most popular blogging software and the world’s biggest advertising network produces a lot of revenue for some bloggers and not much for many others. (more…)

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