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Site Personalization Matters More to Advertisers Than Visitors

Site personalization is an essential part of any online advertising strategy.

It’s not just essential. It’s critical for long-term growth and even survival of traditional and online media companies. (more…)

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Search engine optimization

SEO Strategy Risks May Lead to Poor Results, Dashed Hopes

SEO strategy risks rise with competition, poor conversion rates and other possible outcomes.

Search engine optimization requires risk management like any other business initiative.

Managing expectations is one of the first steps in any risk management. (more…)

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Website profit

Website Management Needs Cost Controls in Slowing Economy

Smart website management requires a balance of both revenue and expenses to achieve a healthy profit and healthy growth.

When the economy is growing strongly, it is of course much easier to grow revenue as well. (more…)

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Backlink strategy

How to Use a 1 Keyword Link Building Strategy

A one keyword link building strategy is mostly known for the approach that concentrates on one keyword per page, which creates focus for SEO efforts and ideally produces better results.

But another approach focuses on one keyword (or keyword phrase) per site. Yes, one per site.

Let me explain what sounds like a crazy notion. (more…)

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Marketing strategy

Internet Marketing Strategy for Business Starts With 4 Tactics

Search engine results for “Internet marketing strategy for business” often bring up websites with exciting claims, but most online successes come from a series of small steps taken consistently over time.

The Internet is packed with millions of sites clamoring for the attention of people who visit on average about 100 sites a month. (more…)

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Website Profit Balances High Margin, High Growth

Website profit is often a choice between high profit margin versus high revenue and audience growth.

It is one of the most important choices a publisher or webmaster can make for a website financial plan. (more…)

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Website profit

Efficient Website Management Pushes Online Profits Higher

Efficient website management requires quick responses to problems, initiatives, changes in competition, new products, etc. Consider the following.

The website support ticket went to the vendor on Nov. 10. The answer came back on Nov. 17. (more…)

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