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Website Marketing Plan Increases Odds of Success

A website marketing plan can range from one page to dozens or even of pages. What matters most is the meat of it and the focus and execution of the most important elements.

What also matters is fulfillment of the important site promotion goals. The process begins with a clear outline. (more…)


Clickbaiting Tactics Mimic Traditional Media

Clickbaiting is an online term for a practice that has long been followed in offline traditional media.

It is a series of tactics that try to encourage website visitors to click on a link. That link may appear in search results, a social media account, on the website itself or elsewhere. (more…)

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Organic Search Optimization: Maximum Audience, Zero Cash

Organic search optimization is a refined and focused method for driving the maximum amount of audience to a website using the least amount of cash.

It  increases the rankings of important pages on a site to the highest possible positions within search engines and get clicks without paying for them. (more…)

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Author Marketing Impacts Search Engine Optimization

Online author marketing can improve search engine optimization simply by getting a name right.

I don’t mean the spelling of the name. I mean the uniqueness of the name. (more…)

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Why Internal Link Building Matters for SEO

Internal link building often is overlooked as an important tactic for search engine optimization and creating a better site visitor experience.

Remember that the words used in the anchor text of a link, whether it is on site or off site, provides a clue to search engines about what lies on the page where visitors land after clicking on the link. (more…)

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SEO Content Writing: Tips for Higher Rankings

Writing content with search engine optimization in mind is a craft that takes time to develop because different writers have different perspectives.

Journalists focus on the angle of the story. English majors think about themes.  Marketing types think about brand. Web people think about keywords — but sometimes overlook quality. (more…)

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Reading Ease May Boost SEO, But Common Sense Prevails

The reading ease of an article helps search engine optimization, according to industry rumor and some fairly valid testing.

No one likes to conduct business on the basis of rumor, but the underlying logic of the claim is sound. (more…)

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