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Why Internal Link Building Matters for SEO

Internal link building often is overlooked as an important tactic for search engine optimization and creating a better site visitor experience.

It also improves navigation and increases important metrics such as pages per visit, time on site and user engagement. (more…)

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SEO in Meta Description Sells a Page to Searchers

The meta description of an article is a chance to promote a page to searchers and use search engine optimization at the same time. It is a sales pitch to both people and search engines.

Google’s Search Console shows that a document that gets the top spot in search results can receive a click rate of up to 40 percent or more. Second place has a steep decline, third sees even more decline and so forth. (more…)

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Search engine optimization

Best Page Titles Use 4 Tactics for SEO

If there is any starting point for search engine optimization, it is with the title of the page. Adding SEO to a page title will boost the search results of a document with a minimal amount of effort.

How long does it take to write a sentence with less than 55 characters including spaces? Not long at all. Thinking about what to write takes more time than the writing itself. (more…)

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Search engine optimization

Add SEO to URLs for Better Search Rankings

Adding search engine optimization to the URL of an article will encourage visits from search engines.

Do a search on Google, Bing and Yahoo! and look at the results. All three show a similar display consisting of three elements — the document’s title, meta description and URL. (more…)

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Reading Ease May Boost SEO, But Common Sense Prevails

The reading ease of an article helps search engine optimization, according to industry rumor and some fairly valid testing.

No one likes to conduct business on the basis of rumor, but the underlying logic of the claim is sound. (more…)

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SEO content writing

SEO Writing Tips for Higher Rankings

Writing content with search engine optimization mind is a craft that takes time to develop. Different writers have different backgrounds and training experiences.

Journalists focus on the angle of the story. English majors think about themes. Marketing types think about brand. Web people think about keywords — but sometimes overlook quality. (more…)

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SEO keywords

Keyword Research for SEO Pays Off with Audience

A little keyword research for the sake of search engine optimization can prevent a disastrous waste of time on content development. Why write about something that no one will find or read?

Traditional media such as newspapers and TV stations create content based on experience, judgment and common sense. Effective online media creates content based in part on something else: SEO-based keyword research. (more…)

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