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Meta Description Length Impacts Search Click Rate

Meta description length can impact search engine results as well as how often searchers click.

Although search engines may use up to 155-160 characters, it doesn’t mean website publishers should write meta descriptions that long. Brevity has advantages. (more…)

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Internal Linking for SEO Improves Page Ranking

Internal linking with SEO in mind is a surefire way of improving the ranking results of a page in search engines.

It is well known that Google in particular tracks the links coming into a site from external sources. But internal links also matter because they make pages easier to find. (more…)

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How to Write Good Meta Descriptions for SEO

Writing good meta descriptions for search engine optimization is easy. The search engines themselves already have them.

Search engines originally used meta descriptions as abstracts in their search results. And many times they still do. But search descriptions are no longer always the same thing as meta descriptions. (more…)

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Article Rewriting Improves SEO and Builds Audience

Article rewriting for SEO is a fast way to improve search engine optimization and user experience at the same time.

Imagine the possibilities with article rewriting: Higher search rankings, lower bounce rate, increasing pages per visit, more social shares and more return visits. (more…)

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Marketing Strategists Take Advantage of Recessions

Online marketing strategists can find tactical advantage in any situation, including a major economic recession.

Of course, this assumes the business will survive the recession. It also assumes that owners and employees look for the opportunities that come with an economic downturn. (more…)

Broken link building

Broken Link Building Improves SEO With Little Effort

Broken link building is one of the easiest ways to improve a site’s profile in search engine indexes.

Advice on broken link building often overlooks one critical step in making it effective. The advice focuses on fixing external links that point to a site. That focus is only half the solution. (more…)

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Content Marketing Strategy Delivers 3 Benefits

Content marketing strategy promotes a website with content on other websites. The content published elsewhere usually links back to the parent site.

For example, a publisher or business owner has a website about lawn care. The revenue opportunity lies with selling grass seed, weed killer or other related products. (more…)

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