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Ad Targeting By Day is Useful Tactic for Online Clients

Ad targeting by day is a well-known and traditional way of advertising in a newspaper. It also is a useful tactic for selling online.

In the traditional way, an advertiser buys an ad position in a certain section of the paper on one particular day of the week. The concept is obvious because daily newspapers publish once a day and weeklies publish once a week. (more…)

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How Many Ads Per Page? As Few As Possible

The number of online ads per page is a critical strategy issue for any website publisher.

For example, Google AdSense no longer has a limit to the number of ads per page. But ad-heavy sites lead to:

  • Slower page load
  • Fewer pages per visit
  • Fewer return visits
  • Visitors who leave a page before the ads even load
  • Declining clicks and impressions


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How to Build Online Rate Cards

Online rate cards are more than just the rates themselves. They also are about the presentation and promotion.

The most brilliantly devised rate card won’t deliver results if it is hard to read, confusing and overly complicated. (more…)

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Online sales

Online Direct Sales Take Time to Deliver Results

Larger websites use online direct sales to produce more advertising revenue and increase profits.

Direct sales require the site publisher or another employee to contact potential advertisers for the sake of landing an advertising contract. It requires much more work than networks such as Google AdSense, which largely automates the process and takes a 32 percent cut of the revenue. (more…)

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Ad Viewability Standard Rises with Google and Yahoo!

Ad viewability has become a major standard in online advertising that impacts revenue and advertiser performance.

Google rolled out a new version of the AdSense partner revenue reports that make viewability a prime tracking number. (more…)

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How to Sell Online Advertising: The First 5 Steps

How to sell online advertising requires an organized and planned approach to finding customers whose understanding of online varies greatly.

Early adopters of online advertising have a depth of skills, knowledge and experience that will make it easy for them understand a product and a market. (more…)

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online advertising rates

Online Advertising Rates: Guidelines and Best Practices

Online advertising rates are set through a combination of ad size, ad location, ad performance and market demand.

Optimizing this key ad sales tactic results in higher revenue, increased advertiser acquisition and increased advertiser retention. (more…)

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