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Website Promotion Adds Value to Local Business

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Local businesses will find that effective website promotion adds new customers and strengthens relationship with existing ones.

But many local businesses with limited online experience  are disappointed when the money spent on a nice looking site doesn’t product the desired result.
Quite often the problem is that too much money is spent on the website and not enough on promoting it.

Here is a simple approach to fixing that problem.

Promotion / Production Formula

Let’s say you spend $20,000 a year to advertise your business in traditional local media, such as newspapers, cable and broadcast.

The production or creative part of an ad campaign is often included in the price of a newspaper ad. You might pay a modest amount for the production of a broadcast spot.

A website and the promotion that goes with it should be treated the same way. The production of the site should be far less than half of the annual online advertising budget.

Take that $20,000 a year budget above and allocate 10 percent to online or a total of $2,000.

Now allocate 25 percent of that $2,000 or $500 total to “production.” That is the amount you should spend on Web hosting (typically about $10 a month) plus any creative or update fees.

Many Web hosts have design templates that come with the hosting. Some website software packages also come with design templates.

Finally, you can find templates on the Internet, many of them free, through search engines.

With $500 allocated for production, that leaves $1,500 for advertising.

That amount can be split between response-oriented text ads targeted to your local area using products such as Facebook or Google ads and the rest spent on brand-oriented display ads on local newspaper or broadcast websites.

Ask your local account executive for discounted rates for buying print or broadcast together with online.

Don’t Forget Free Advertising

Beyond the advertising budget lies the “free” promotional tactics. Although they don’t cost money, they do cost time. The time is best spent on the tactics that yield the most results after experimenting with each one.

The online tactics include social media, video publishing and email marketing. Video publishing is easy to do with existing cameras. Many email marketing vendors offer free accounts to anyone with a small list of subscribers.

The “offline” tactics include putting the website address in signage, invoices, receipts, business cards and traditional advertising. These offline tactics are a free and easy way to remind existing customers about interacting with the business online.

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