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Offline Marketing Tactics Add to Site Brand

Offline marketing tactics

A traditional small business can use offline marketing tactics to boost audience and revenue for its website.

A traditional business also can partner with another Website if the agreement allows both partners to meet each other halfway.

A standalone site can meet a business halfway by helping it understand how the Website can offer effective promotion in return. It is becoming easy to prove. A partnership doesn’t stop the traditional business from doing its own offline marketing.

A dated and documented plan will go a long way toward building trust, credibility and follow through. It should have have a beginning, end point and renewal date to manage risk.

The first half of the plan can explain how the Website will help the media partner. The second half will explain how the partner will help build site readership.

Small Business Offline Tactics

Many retail businesses have newsletters, business cards, direct mail operations, event sponsorships, etc.

Some businesses now include their Website address in their retail signs for drive by visibility as well as on company-owned vehicles. Some also have signs inside their stores. Think of it as a low-cost outdoor billboard.

They can use their offline promotional channels to market their Websites, and they can use their Websites to promote their brick-and-mortar locations.

For any business that is short on time, the best approach is developing tactics that are permanent, inexpensive and easy to implement.

Media Partner Model

Some businesses and organizations have a natural partnership with local media properties. These media properties are looking for mutually beneficial sponsorships.

Local newspapers provide a good example of how the print product contributes to a Website and vice versa.

The most common and effective tactics are easy for newspapers to implement. In many cases, they don’t cost either partner a cent. House ads in the print edition is the most common tactic for a partnership with a newspaper. Likewise, TV stations use promotional commercials.

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