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How to Use Mobile Text Ads for Extra Revenue Stream

Anyone who publishes a mobile-friendly site often finds that one of the greatest challenges is getting it to produce a decent amount of revenue.

Mobile text ads help solve that problem by providing an alternative ad type to mobile sites that seem to rely so heavily on display.

Visit numerous mobile sites with a smartphone browser to see what kind of advertising types they provide. The great majority have display ads, but most do not offer text ads. (more…)

Mobile Advertising Trends Raise Concerns on Revenue

smartphoneAnyone who has developed a responsive Web site that displays well for mobile visitors will likely find that their total audience has increased over the last few years.

If the responsive site has been well designed, the pages per visit and return visitors should be increasing as well.

Search engines recognize sites that are responsive and raise their rankings in search results because visitors will respond favorably to those results.

Unfortunately, all of this good news doesn’t mean that mobile advertising will deliver the same kind of numbers.

Numerous credible sources point to weak click-through rates and RPMs (revenue per thousand impressions) for mobile advertising.

Ironically, spending on mobile advertising continues to climb while spending for desktop advertising has weakened. (more…)

Responsive Design Advertising Begins with a Few Simple Rules

Responsive design advertising for mobile Web sites is much easier to implement than ads for sites that favor desktop and tablet computers.

The majority of mobile browsers are 320 x 568 and 320 x 480. The orientation is usually vertical. The user typically scrolls down to see or read what is on the page until exiting via a link, ad or url for another site.

Why these obvious facts matter is because they have much to do with implementing ad units on a responsive design page. (more…)

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Mobile Advertising Impacts Ad Inventory and Direct Sales

Mobile advertising unitDeveloping a mobile version of a Web site has many benefits for the people who visit it via mobile devices, but it also comes with important consequences for advertising.

The percentage of mobile traffic varies from site to site depending on the sites’ focus, but it is common for the total to range from 20 to 50 percent of all visitors and sometimes higher.

If the site has a static rather than responsive design, the mobile visitor will see a site that might be 1,024 pixels wide or even wider on a screen that is probably 320 wide and 480 or 568 deep.

As a result, the mobile visitor will have to scroll right to see the content and the ads. It is not a popular or natural thing to do for mobile users who go regularly to other mobile-optimized sites. (more…)

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Mobile Advertising to Capture 6% of Total Ad Spend

Mobile advertising will make up for 6 percent of the total global ad spending in 2018, according to a new prediction by Berg Insight.

The research company estimates the total value of global mobile marketing and advertising at $9.4 billion in 2012, growing 26 percent annually and reaching $38 billion in 2018.

The total will equal about 19 percent of the total online advertising market. (more…)

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Mobile Web Development Best Done in Stages

Mobile web developmentThe simplest and least risky path to building a mobile Web site is by doing it in stages, especially for small and mid-sized companies that have limited budgets and resources.

A conservative approach is a way of gaining insights about what kind of mobile site works best with customers and then making changes to enhance the experience.

The staged approach also means more limited promotion and a smart approach to managing the expectations of clients.

In contrast, imagine the launch of a famous alternative —, the Affordable Care Act Web site where people sign up for health insurance.

In that case, the ambitions on the part of the government and the expectations on the part of the public were exceptionally high. It was a big swing and a big miss. (more…)

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Focus Mobile App Development on 4 Key Goals

mobile app development

Mobile app development begins with a decision about when and even whether to build one.

It is based on a simple question: Why is a mobile app necessary?

Some people may mix mobile Web pages together with mobile apps in their thought processes.

As we will see in a moment, the two are related at times and dramatically apart at other times.

What matters is making a commitment to develop an app or waiting until later for the right reasons. (more…)

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