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Ad Placement and Prominence = Advertiser Value

The best online ad placement is an important consideration for any site with advertising accounts.

The site can have all direct sales clients or entirely Google AdSense.

Either way, the ad placement has a big impact on results for the advertiser and revenue for the site.

A site with poor ad placement runs the risk of losing direct sales accounts because of performance problems — especially if the campaign is based on CPM or cost per thousand.

It also will see much lower ad revenue from national networks such as Google AdSense because they have the means of tracking results.

If the results are poor, they will simply provide ads with a lower cost per click. (more…)

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Use Pay Per Click Advertising Because It’s Cheap, But Beware

Targeted AdvertisingPay per click advertising has grown into the dominant category of online advertising because it is cheap and efficient.

It’s cheap because it’s efficient. It’s efficient for the advertiser because it most often is used contextually at the major search engines — Google and Bing — along with their advertising partner sites.

Because PPC advertising is usually contextual, it appears only on the most relevant pages and search results.

Being contextual and relevant, the ads generate a higher than average click-through rate. That means fewer ads need to be displayed before the campaign budget is fulfilled. (more…)

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