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What is Native Advertising? It’s a Tactic That Delivers Results

Native advertising is a new buzzword for an old concept in both the online and traditional media environments.

In its simplest form, it can be defined two ways:

1. A customized online presence for an advertiser.
2. An advertiser presence subtly integrated into online content.

The Internet Advertising Bureau says native advertising is “paid ads that are so cohesive with the page content, assimilated into the design, and consistent with the platform behavior that the viewer simply feels that they belong. “ (more…)

AdSense Earnings Down? You Are Not Alone

AdSense earnings regularly go down for some sites and keep growing for others for many, many reasons. But some disturbing trends point to red flags about the future of the product for AdSense partners.

AdSense logoFirst, some background. Google AdSense is one of the greatest product developments on the Internet. The company brilliantly decided to expand its search advertising inventory by allowing other Web sites to publish its ads and split the revenue with a healthy 68 percent going to its publishing partners. (more…)

Build Online Rate Cards in 10 Steps

Adweek rate card. Click to enlarge.

Adweek rate card. Click to enlarge.

A good rate card for online advertising is more than just the rates themselves. It also is about the presentation and promotion.

The most brilliantly devised rate card won’t deliver results if it is hard to read, confusing and overly complicated.

It also won’t deliver results if no one can find it. Believe it or not, many sites do a terrible job of communicating rates or even how to advertise to potential customers who visit the site. The end result often is a lost prospect.

The reality is that prospects find out about rates mostly in two ways: direct contact from the sales rep to the prospect or direct contact from the prospect to the rep. (more…)

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