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What Does a Selling Landing Page Consist Of? Required Components for High Conversion

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A landing page is most often a one-page website, the main purpose of which is to promote a certain product or service.

It is a detailed format of an advertising offer containing comprehensive information about the product. Its peculiarity is the presence of enticing CTA (call to action) elements in the design of the landing page website. For example, buttons with motivational labels, countdown timers, etc.

What is important to consider first of all before developing a
landing page for selling a product or service

One landing page implies one main goal for the client, it should focus on a specific target audience. It is impossible to sell the same product to different categories of the target audience using the same landing page. If to consider car rental service as an example, you should have a completely different approach, with different offers, designs, and information blocks for different types of audiences.

As some of them may need luxury options for hiring while others want Toyota car rent. A landing page should have one specific strategy, like
hiring vehicles for every day or hiring exotic cars.

What does a selling landing page consist of? Required components for high conversion to applications



Is there an ideal design for a selling landing page? Imagine an ideal page structure that will sell with a high conversion rate, customers will almost immediately decide that they want your service or product and are ready to give money for it. Isn’t that the ideal goal? Certain
blocks are really necessary for such a page, and we will consider them with you in this article.

Offer and USP (unique trade proposition)

The first block, which should always be located as soon as a person gets to the landing block with the main offer, the premise:

  • Why your clients need this product,
  • Why now and what basic need they will close,
  • A unique trade offer, that will first of all hook a person.

There should be a clear title, a subtitle, and an interesting and catchy unique trade offer, which is why it is called unique. After this block, it is necessary to gradually launch a person into an information funnel, which should lead either to an application or to order.

Description of the product

It is strongly recommended to place the detailed product review directly in the next block: what a product contains and how exactly it works.


Then you can place a block on benefits upon receipt of this product. A benefit explains to a person how you, first of all, differ from other competitors and products, what is your advantage in the market, the advantage of your product in the market, and its strengths in bringing a person to the desired goal.

Cost Block

The customer needs to know how much your product costs (as well as all the available models or specifications).

Feedback from other clients and FAQ

Someone else’s opinion (social proof) strongly influences the motivation of prospective customers. A list of answers to frequently asked questions about the product by users is also a must.

How to increase the conversion of a selling landing page?

So that the selling landing page does not idle:

  • Before launching it, conduct thorough market research. It will allow you to more accurately determine the interests and desires of the target audience.
  • Proceed with thorough testing will also increase the conversion rate.
  • Feel free to peek – study the examples of one-page landing pages that bring a large number of sales to competitors, and learn the best from them.
  • Save on SEO – the bulk of the traffic selling landing pages get from advertising.
  • Therefore, for the presence of a landing page on the search engine results pages, it is enough to adjust its structure to the basic SEO standards. And the saved funds can be used for advertising promotion.
  • Use fewer fields in the forms – this will increase the likelihood of the lead performing a target action.

If your intentions are serious and the effectiveness of the landing page is important to you, then it should be borne in mind that there is serious work behind its creation from several stages: from analyzing the target audience to testing the layout on mobile devices.

But to create such a one-page, it will take time, diligence, and the work of a whole team of professionals. However, it is still worth all the efforts as the high-quality landing page can become the main sales channel for an entire business. And there is no other way!

Floyd Green a digital marketer with more than 10 years of experience. He is a contributor to Content Marketing Institute and regularly quoted as an expert in large media outlets.

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