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Manual Link Building is Tedious But Gets Quality Results

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Manual link building is the best way to get quality results for a Web site.

Quality results will attract customers who are more likely to make a purchase, consume multiple pages and return again.

For a while, it was possible to automate the process through spinning articles, forum postings and other high quantity techniques.

You get what you pay for.

Let’s give the search engines credit for having smart people. Eventually, they understood that automation was manipulative and distorting.

Why put a link on another site if it generates little SEO value, clicks, purchases or returns?

Quality link building goes with manual link building. Here are a few tips.

Let Them Build Naturally


ites acquire links without even trying. Build a high-quality product, and people will link to it without being asked.

This approach is a slow build and takes patience. But it does build.

Some links vanish because a site closes, gets redesigned, etc. But quality sites will see the total links climb over time.

One simple way to track them is by using Google’s Webmaster Central, which shows a list of sites that link to your site. It also shows the pages getting the links.

Link baiting is the practice of attracting links by writing

Ask for Links


his approach is low labor — just an email — and usually gets poor results because more site managers these days understand that linking leaks SEO value.

The second related approach is a link exchange. The key is not to link home page to home page, or put a link in the footer on every page.

The key is to put one link on one page and have the partner put one link going to a separate page on your site.

The links should be natural and contextual.

Create and Distribute Links


his is the hard part because it takes a lot of work. It also requires tracking the results and seeing which ones work and which don’t.

The ways of distributing links are quite common:

  1. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit)
  2. Standalone blogging (Blogspot)
  3. Article marketing (
  4. Guest blogging
  5. Blog commenting
  6. Forum postings

Manual link building takes time. But getting good results is not just following the above methods. It requires figuring out how to get links prominently placed on high-value pages.

Facebook is a good example. If you have a Facebook fan page with with traffic and low ranking in Google, posting links will get moderate results and dilute the value of the page.

But making the page active and posting only a few links will increase the page’s SEO value and the value of the links at the same time.

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