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5 Best Must-Have Social Media Marketing Tools

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Social media has become the most powerful tool for marketers in recent years. Since the shine of conventional marketing methods is fading away, and new marketing trends setting in, social media marketing has eclipsed them completely. Social media platforms are no longer used to share personal data or photos; rather, they serve as the most powerful medium to showcase products or services, explain their venerability, and generate leads.

The power of social media doesn’t just happen overnight. There is no magical pill in social media that users swallow and become potential customers. Rather, social media marketing needs careful attention, deep research, management, formula, a great marketing strategy, and implementation to get a result. Marketers also have to think about the latest trend and should follow a clear vision that can rightly meet your needs.

If you plan to boost your business through social media marketing, it is best to have a few tools that can rightly meet your needs. This article will let you know about some of these tools.

1. MeetEdgar

Do you need a content manager that can create content, support you technically and help in design? If the answer is yes, then you can bank on MeetEdgar! This is an automated content manager that helps to re-sharing the content and boosts the social media traffic. Many marketers use this outstanding tool to succeed in their social media marketing strategy.

Through the plugin, most marketers use different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is easy to increase the popularity of social media channels and quality content and check the progress when you use mobile.

MeetEdgar is an outstanding social media manager that helps to schedule the content, re-sharing and monitoring the traffic, and improve engagement at the same time. This outstanding social media tool helps optimize the ROI, and there are countless benefits to have after using it.

By publishing the best content regularly, you can boost traffic and engagement. This manager comes with an automated auto-refill option that allows the contents to be scheduled at the right time and published according to your given sequence. It also comes with a category-based scheduling tool that allows you to mix different types of content for dissimilar audiences. When you employ this tool, you don’t need to think separately about scheduling the contents according to the relevant category. In this way, the audience doesn’t get bored because they get fresh content all the time.

This outstanding social media content manager also comes with an URL shortener and in-app click tracking features that let you know how many clicks you have relieved from the viewers.

2. Missinglttr

Social media promotion is vital for a business to succeed in this world. Sometimes, automatic content schedules can’t deliver the desired result, so most marketers put the content manually. Not only can posting content deliver outstanding results, but it is also essential to meet the current requirements of the viewers. If they don’t get accurate content at the right time, it is impossible to get results. So, it is necessary to rinse and repeat to promote the posts.

Missinglettr is an outstanding tool that automates the whole process. From creating social media content to formulating new posts, Missinglettr does them accurately. It helps to drastically reduce the working time of the marketer so that he can focus on his outer activities. When you are getting engaged in writing long blogs, someone can take care of the social media scheduling posts. In this way, the to-do list gets shortened.

Missinglettr helps create templates for content, schedule them and facilitate the client approvals. It also comes with a custom URL shortener feature that can ease the campaign. It will be easy to use them in different marketing campaigns that you run simultaneously.

3. InVideo

video productionVideo contents are a vital part of social media marketing. They are attractive and engaging compared to conventional images and texts. This is why many marketers today search for the best video maker tool that can rightly produce quality videos to be published on various social media channels. This tool is the one-stop-shop for creating videos that can be published on various social media channels.

It is super easy to use because it mainly works on the drag-and-drop formula and produces quality videos that can be used for YouTube marketing and Instagram stories. It comes with more than 3000 templates that allow you to create your video. Due to the outstanding features and ease of creating videos, this tool is currently the most popular video creation platform for many marketers. The videos produced by it are ready to be uploaded to various social media platforms that can attract maximum attention.

4. Buzzsumo

Social media marketing is not as easy as we think. While formulating a successful social media marketing campaign, there are several things to keep in mind. If you want to outshine the competitors, it will be best to use Buzzsumo. This research tool mainly lets you know what your competitors are doing and what you should do to take them over.

With the help of Buzzsumo, you can easily know how your content is performing and who the viewer is spreading the word. It is hard to know which content can work without thorough research and which does not. It will be easy for you to work only on the effective content that yields desired results.

The functions of Buzzsumo are excellent. Some of the functions are given below.

  • Spot the most shared content on social media. Then enter someone’s domain to check out which contents are shared most.
  • Select the influencers who are related to these types of topics.
  • Buzzsumo alerts you based on the brand name, links, author name, and keywords.
  • Now, track the competitors and analyze the contents.
  • Now, use that data to research the relevant keywords and trend the topics with the mainly interested audience. You can use this technique for new posts to share the content and let you know which is performing well.
  • Buzzsumo lets you research the competitor keywords, and in this way, you can find a way to overtake them in the social media marketing campaign.

5. Hootsuite

There are numerous social media platforms available globally, and marketers use them to target different audiences. Sometimes, it is hard to manage multiple social media accounts simultaneously. This is where Hootsuite helps manage the accounts in a single dashboard, and it is completely free to sign up with the account.

Hootsuite allows collaboration among the team members and goes for an approval process. It also lets the marketer know about the comments and mentions in one place. It is also possible to assign tasks and plot any social media calendar and updates.

Social media marketing is an ever-changing formula, and to excel in this field, marketers have to adopt the latest techniques and tools. They also need to polish their skills. So, Hootsuite allows marketers to go for online social media marketing courses.

Over to You

The above-mentioned tools are great for performing best in the social media marketing campaign. The tools make marketing easy and lessen the burden on the marketers. Grow your business with the new-generation tactics.

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