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Online Account Executives Deliver Revenue Results

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Newspaper websites with dedicated online account executives have 87 percent higher online revenue than papers that rely solely on print AEs.

In addition, 59 percent of the total revenue came from online-only ads, according to the former Newspaper Association of America. The association’s data came from a Borrell Associates study.

It is true that sites with dedicated online AEs deliver more revenue over time. But  it doesn’t come easily for smaller newspaper websites.

It also doesn’t come easily for any small site that can’t afford to hire a dedicated sales rep.

The above numbers don’t necessarily reflect the fact that larger markets have dedicated online staffs. Their clients also are more in tune with local online advertising. Regional and national accounts tend to spend a lot more money in large markets.

Budgets Limit Sales Staffs

Many smaller dailies don’t have dedicated online account executives. They can’t afford them or their clients aren’t ready to start spending heavily online. Their lack of spending therefore doesn’t justify the expense.

Other small markets may have only one online AE. But that person often is isolated and struggles with both internal reluctance and a local market that doesn’t have dedicated online budgets.

Small newspapers should seriously consider setting online budgets for their print staffs. The budget should deliver enough revenue to justify a dedicated AE or a sales and marketing coordinator who provides them with client support and goes on four-legged calls.

When enough online banner revenue is generated — at least two to three times the total compensation of a single rep — then that market is probably ready for a dedicated online account executive.

But just as the online rep provides help for the print reps, that same market needs to make sure the print reps reciprocate.

Many former online account executives gave it a try and quit because of isolation or weak support. Some business cultures simply aren’t ready to embrace the growing online presence in their markets.

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