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AdSense Revenue for Newspaper and TV Sites

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Google AdSense is an effective option for filling unsold ad inventory on a newspaper or TV Web site.

Many media sites use remnant advertising from major national networks that display graphical banners of well-known major brands. AdSense is more likely to display a series of text ads.

The graphical ads look good. The text ads don’t look so good.

Which option sounds better, graphical ads that pay less money or text ads that pay more?

AdSense is well-known among small independent sites as being the highest-paying provider of remnant advertising. Some sites rely exclusively on it.

These sites have tested numerous other sources and invariably find that AdSense is the best option because of its excellent click rates and revenue per click.

Revenue performance depends on the category, the site and the placement of the ad positions. It also depends on the search engine optimization that has been applied to those pages.

In other words, if the Google AdSense software can accurately identify the content on the page, it will deliver the most relevant ads with the highest probability of getting a click.

With a Web site, the results are usually equal to the effort. Any TV or newspaper Web site that wants to fill leftover ad inventory with banner ads and not lift a finger to manage the remnant campaign will get minimal results.

But the site that implements AdSense and actively participates in managing it will see meaningful results.

Implementing AdSense takes minutes of effort. Go to, click on the Advertising link and then the AdSense link.

Open an account, copy and paste the AdSense code into your ad server or directly on the page. Ads usually start delivering within 15 to 30 minutes.

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