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Increase AdSense Revenue with 4 Simple Tips

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One of the best ways to increase AdSense revenue is not what you do with the ads. It’s what you do with the content on the page that holds the ads.

Google AdSense  is the single largest concentration of network advertising on the Internet, partly because it is so effective in producing revenue for partner websites.

Implementing best practices for both the content on the page and the presentation of the ads on the page will increase AdSense revenue. But eliminating certain bad practices also will improve them.

1 -AdSense Performance Begins with SEO Basics

Clear, informative and relevant content attracts relevant ads, which produces the clicks that generate the revenue.

To put it another way, publish an article without names, specifics, facts, attributions or anything else that provides clues to Google servers about the content on the page. Nor will the page get good rankings in search engine results. The ads that appear on the page will be just as clueless.

The first step in good search engine optimization is identifying the most important keywords and phrases that best represent the content of the article.

It is important to understand that a good keyword for SEO may be more valuable or less valuable than another keyword for AdSense.

A good SEO keyword may drive a page up to the No. 1 position in search engine results. But that same keyword may be worth only five cents  a click with AdSense.

Another keyword may deliver $1 a click in AdSense without getting the page to the No. 1 position in search engines.

An effective strategy balances SEO value with advertising value and reader interest.

Once that set of keywords is finalized, they need to go into all of the important placements on the page that send the right signals to search.

Those placements include the document title, meta description, alt image tag, headline, body copy (especially first or second paragraph), etc. — all of which improves the relevance of ads that Google delivers to the page.

But as always, try to write for a human audience first and search engines second.

2 – Size and Placement Matters

Not all sites are successful with AdSense advertising. Plenty of AdSense tips are available on the Internet, and some of the most common ones for increasing AdSense revenue are useful. They include:

  1. Use the largest ad sizes, especially the 728 x 90 Leaderboard, 300 x 600 half page, 300 x 250 Medium Rectangle or 336 by 280 large rectangle.
  2. Take advantage of the heat map to decide where to place ads on a page.
  3. Favor the default color palette (Google knows what works better than anyone), but do experiment with the colors that fit best with the site design. Regardless, ads should stand out and capture people’s attention.
  4. Enhance results by using AdSense for Search.
  5. Wrap content around the ads.
  6. Run AdSense experiments.

Dozens of experiments have led me to believe that the above tips lead to a small but useful increase in AdSense results.

But other advice on the Internet isn’t as solid.

3 – Avoid Bad AdSense Advice

A common piece of advice is to make the ads blend into the content so much that the user can’t tell that it is an ad.

If a visitor feels tricked into clicking on the ad, the site’s credibility may suffer as a result. No site wants to get reputation for click bait. It discourages visitors from coming back.

High click rates are possible when the ad is obviously an ad. Annoyed visitors are possible when the ad obviously isn’t an ad. The so-called “native advertising” is a mixed blessing.

Another one is that only certain colors work well, but what seems to work best are the colors that complement the site rather than mimic the site. They should attract and please the eye without being jarring. Avoid dark backgrounds.

Another common practice for sites doomed to failure is putting two ads together right at the top of the article or getting ads from other networks and having five, six, seven or more ads on a page. Too many ads will slow the site, which hurts search engine rankings.

What visitors would enjoy such an experience and want to come back again? Repeat visitors result in repeat clicks and more revenue.

4 – Target High Value Content

One of the most important tips to increase AdSense revenue is targeting high value content effectively. That means certain subjects generate high revenue per click and high click rates.

The pages with high value content should be optimized so that Google will know the most effective and relevant ads to send there. Relevancy boosts clickthroughs.

So make sure the page title, meta description, headline and body text accurately reflect the page topic and that they have representative keywords.

Finally, keep experimenting. Look at the results every day. Try new ad positions and colors. Set benchmarks for click-through rate, revenue per click and page eCPM.

Great results won’t arrive overnight because it takes months and even years of effort to master AdSense advertising. But the results will come.

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