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6 Google Web Tools Increase Site Audience and Revenue

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Websites with limited online budgets will find excellent advantages with six Google web tools that are free and easy to use.

Publishers who use most if not all of the tools will find that their publishing efforts are easier and usually produce better results.

The six Google web tools are:

  1. Analytics, which is used to track site audience
  2. Search Console, for tracking and managing content
  3. AdSense, an advertising program and solid revenue generator
  4. DFP, which provides an ad-serving platform integrated with AdSense
  5. Google Ads, for buying contextual ads on Google and partner sites
  6. Site Search, which allows visitors to search your site and generates revenue from their Web searches.

1) Analytics

Tracking audience is a challenge for someone who manages a website. Different applications provide different numbers.

Advertisers increasingly want credible data from third-party sources and not from system logs.

Google Analytics makes the job much simpler. After setting up an Analytics account, you place a piece of tracking code on the template of your site.

You can then log into Google to track a variety of audience statistics including page views, sessions, users, mobile visitors and much more..

Go to the Google home page, click on Business Solutions and click on Analytics for more information.

2) Search Console

Search Console, formerly known as Webmaster Central, is an essential Google web tool for publishers who want to improve the search engine optimization for ther sites.

Search Console provides detailed information about visits, popular pages, backlinks and much more.

Thanks to the tracking code above, you also can create multiple sitemaps that you submit to Google.

As a result, it becomes easier for the Google search engine to spider your site and place as many pages as possible within the Google search database.

The higher the number of pages in the Google database, the more audience that comes to the site.

Go to the Google home page, click on Business Solutions and click on Webmaster Central for more information.

3) AdSense

Earn more revenue from your site with Google AdSense, which pays on a cost-per-click basis.

Revenue from cost-per-click ad campaigns is highly unpredictable compared to cost-per-thousand campaigns.

But AdSense has an advantage because it is contextual and highly targeted.

The resulting revenue is usually much higher than comparable remnant campaigns that may generate only 50 to 75 cents per thousand impressions.

The key to AdSense lies in providing high-quality content — such as health, real estate, travel, automotive and employment — and then correctly optimizing pages for search engines.

Be aware that those categories will generate high revenue, while news, sports and weather will not.

Go to the Google home page and click on Advertising programs at the bottom, then click on AdSense to get more information.

4) DFP

DFP or Doubleclick for Publishers is an ad-serving platform that is integrated with AdSense.

Sites  that use DFP can display ads that they have sold to clients. For any unused inventory, they can deliver AdSense ads as a secondary revenue stream.

The product is not very intuitive, but once learned it provides a set of powerful tools for managing orders, inventory and reports.

5) Google Ads

Google Ads, formerly known as AdWords, is what makes Google so profitable. It provides the vehicle for advertising on Google and its partner sites.

Ad campaigns can launch for as little as $5 a month. It’s a good idea to start with a small budget to learn the ropes before jumping into a much larger spend.

The advantage of this contextual advertising is its efficiency. Ads appear only on relevant pages of sites that are relevant to the topic of the ads.

They also “follow” site visitors around the Internet and appear again whenever the opportunity for getting them to click appears ripe.

6) Site Search

Custom Search, now known as Programmable Search Engine, is a bit of a misnomer because it is both a site search and a Web search engine.

When someone does a Web search with this tool, they are presented with Google AdSense ads. If they click on those ads, you generate revenue from the click.

Again, this is an easy tool to implement while delivering more page views and revenue.

Go to the Google home page, click on Business Solutions and then click on SiteSearch at the bottom of the page for more information.

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