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7 Reasons Why You Need to Redesign Your Website

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Your website plays a vital role in the success of your business. It pretty much reflects who you are as a brand – from its overall appearance to the content you publish.

These days, however, having a professional website alone won’t cut it anymore. Consumers are now looking for sites that aren’t just pleasing to the eyes, but also those that offer seamless navigation at the same time. As soon as they step into a website that doesn’t meet these expectations, they’ll most likely leave within seconds.

So, if you’re wondering why your website isn’t performing as well as you expect it to perform – despite implementing SEO best practices – it probably has something to do with your web design. Could you even remember the last time you gave your website a makeover? No? Well then, it looks like you’ve found the culprit!

Then again, that’s not the only reason why you need to redesign your website. There are tons of others, and we’re gonna be exploring seven of them right now:

Your Website Is Slow

In today’s digital era, people want to access information as quickly as possible. Any site that has a slow loading speed is bound to lose visitors.

If your web pages take longer than three seconds (yep, it should be THAT fast), expect your visitors to leave and head over to your competitor’s website. Plus, it could hurt your SEO efforts, leading your rankings to drop.

A website redesign can greatly help in optimizing your site to run faster. You can optimize all your images to prevent your pages from bogging down and get them to load more quickly. As for your videos, you’ll want to host them on third-party sites like YouTube.

We highly recommend you use Google PageSpeed Insights to discover what issues are slowing down your website. It will reveal your site’s loading time and the changes you can implement to improve your site’s performance.

You Keep Losing Leads

Your website can leave a lasting impression on your audience, particularly those who aren’t familiar with your brand. If you notice that your visitors exit several seconds after they find it, then it’s definitely a sign that you should renovate it.

Let’s face it. Poor design can actually result in a loss of traffic. While you may be attracting qualified leads, you find it hard to retain them once they’re on your business website.

A modern design with fresh content can have a strong impact on your audience. They’ll become more invested and engaged, decreasing your bounce rate and perhaps even converting them into customers.

You’ve Recently Updated Your Brand


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So, you’ve decided to make a big move by modernizing your brand to keep up with the changing times. What about your website? Still the same? It’s time to upgrade it as well!

A misalignment in brand and website design is a common web design mistake committed by businesses and marketers. If your site no longer reflects your company accurately, you could lose brand recognition and quality leads. It should match your newly updated brand to stay current with your audience.

Revamping your website presents an opportunity to update its design, content, navigation, and visual elements. Remember, a website has to resonate with its target audience to keep them longer.

Your Website Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

Today, having a mobile-friendly website has gotten more crucial than ever. More and more people are using their smartphones or tablets to browse information online. That’s why Google has switched to mobile-first indexing.

Bear in mind that the mobile experience differs a lot from that of a desktop experience. Accessing a desktop site using a mobile device would provide a bad experience. For instance, users would need to zoom in and out to read clearly.

If you have yet to optimize your website for mobile use, now would be the best time to do it with a web redesign. Implementing responsive design is the best way to make a mobile-friendly website. That way, visitors will have a positive experience on your site regardless of the device they’re using.

Your Website Has Poor Navigation

Let’s be real – no one likes a website that’s too complicated to navigate. Bad navigation makes it difficult for your visitors to find what they’re looking for on your site, leaving them frustrated to the point that they pick another website instead.

You don’t want to lose your leads to your competitors because of poor navigation, do you?

This is where a web redesign comes in extremely handy. You can start by categorizing different tabs so your audience can find the information they’re searching for in the fastest way possible. Under each tab should include multiple subcategories to further simplify navigation.

Your Website Is Outdated

Web design trends change over time. A two-year-old website can look outdated when you compare it to one that’s actually much older yet is up to date with the latest design trends.

In case you’re wondering, the current trend calls for a flat design utilizing simple patterns with a clean modern look – a minimalistic approach, if you may. Of course, it caters to both mobile and desktop interfaces as well.

You Need to Update Third-Party Tools

Third-party tools that aren’t up to modern standards pose a challenge to web visitors to browse, causing them to go away. This is one of the reasons why many businesses would see their conversions slowing down. If this happens to be the situation you’re in, redesigning your site should be your best bet.

As you’re doing the renovation, find out which tools are working fine and responding well, and which ones need updating. Also, if there’s a tool that no longer serves a purpose, it might be best to remove it altogether.

Wrapping Up

Redesigning your website is always a must. Whether it’s to increase organic traffic, drive leads and convert them, provide a better user experience, or maximize your ROI, it will no doubt give your business a boost.

Shay Berman is the founder and president of Digital Resource, a full-service digital marketing agency located in South Florida. Shay’s clear-cut approach to internet marketing has driven his clients’ businesses to new heights and allowed Digital Resource to land on the Inc 500 list two years in a row and be named as No. 49 on Entrepreneur magazine’s Entrepreneur 360 list.

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