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6 Types of Visual Content to Engage Your Website Traffic

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Do you ever wonder why you don’t get adequate website traffic? Or how world-class brands manage to keep their clients engaged for long periods? When every person strives for high-quality content, why do consumers jump from one website to another?

The reason behind this is the presentation!

In today’s busy world, no one bothers to read lengthy pieces of text. However, everyone will notice a page showing colorful pictures, videos, funny memes, and interesting typography.

It is even backed by scientific research showing how the human brain processes visual content more than text. The processing rate, which is 60,000 times higher, emphasizes the significance of visually rich content.

Unfortunately, many of us only relate pictures to data visualization. However, there is much more than this. Content marketers need to dig out various other types of visual content for better engagement. If you have no clue about it, read below to find out:

Entice Visitors through Videos

Consider a scenario in which you need to select between two brands. One presents a detailed video of their products on the website, while the other presents only text. Which one will you prefer?

You see: No one has time to read and understand lengthy paragraphs. Today, consumers want information within minutes, which is the reason behind the success of video marketing. Many brands are now using explainer videos to gain consumer attention. They make the content easy to comprehend and share. Likewise, how-to’s, testimonials, and behind the scenes are also helpful in making your content look appealing.

For instance, you have an online toy shop. Instead of writing the instructions about assembling a particular toy, you can upload videos. This way, you can provide clear information and make the process more straightforward. In fact, even a child can follow the directions illustrated through a video. Thus, users are likely to stay connected. You can also post these videos on social media pages and get more visitors for conversion.

Thankfully, tons of tools are present today for making and editing videos. Some of these include Blender, Adobe Premier, Lumen 5, Open Shot, and many others without any technical knowledge. Similarly, many apps have the feature to combine multiple photos and present them as a video.

Use Infographics for Stats and Complicated Data

We all know the significance of having a user-friendly site. Visitors can quickly bounce back if the site is complex or the information is unclear. If you have some complex data to share, use infographics to make it easily digestible. This graphical presentation can efficiently deliver data and let the visitor understand patterns and trends. You can also use bar graphs, pie charts, and images to make infographics attractive.

For instance, if you want to share the steps of installing a WordPress plugin, you can use infographics. Write each step along with a picture and use an arrow to direct toward the next one.

Include Humor through Gifographics (GIFs)

Gifographics or GIFs are closely related to infographics and act as attractive visual content piece. If you want to take your infographics to the next level, follow the current trend of using gifographics. Though the latter one also uses a small space for delivering information, the critical difference is the presence of animations. Yes, as the name suggests, gifographics use animations.

These moving images are highly comical. They perfectly combine all four essential components: interest, information, fun, and conciseness. Thus, they undoubtedly increase engagement and help deliver information in a fun-loving manner.

The future of GIFs looks bright as many content marketers are already using this visual content to stand out.

Create Eye-Grabbing Content through Images

Another form of visual content is images. They evoke the user’s emotion and perfectly transform dry stats into fun. Apart from it, they make information easier to understand and even describe the whole story within minutes.

High-quality and impressive images are likely to leave a lasting impression on visitors. Besides this, images portray a more professional site look than those with only written text. The online world has no shortage of information. But visitors want to get such information from sources that look interesting and appealing. Thus, images act as a perfect source for engaging users.

However, not every image can turn heads. It needs to be high in resolution, perfect size, and relevant to the content. When possible, use custom photographs that align with your company and products. You can also make use of stock photos available on trusted and reliable sources.

But, regardless of the image type you use, ensure they boast good quality. High-quality images are better for the site’s speed and are mobile-friendly.

Use Typography to Increase Focus

Never expect visitors to read your content like a book. Virtually, no one reads text from left to right. Visitors either jump to the content they need or pay attention to something that looks interesting. Many marketers are therefore using bold typography these days.

This form of visual content includes a selection of varied fonts, styles, and sizes to gain user attention. The intelligent selection of fonts and combination of colors helps in increasing focus on a specific space. For instance, a kid’s website can display a discount offer with a colorful font, upper case letters, and bold style.

Add Screenshots for Trust Building

If you are looking for the most convenient visual, share a screenshot. From flowcharts to tutorials, you can share everything through this visual. Instead of writing the long-form content, you can use a screenshot to show how you implemented a technique. It is time-saving and, at the same time, connects you more with the audience. Since you are displaying your original work, it builds credibility.

Wrapping It Up

Getting visitors to your site will be useless if you fail to engage them. Therefore, online marketers now focus more on visuals than written text. Images, infographics, videos, screenshots, and typography are some useful forms of visual content. Use the most appropriate visual form that suits your brand and target market. Think no further; investment in visuals is worth every dollar!

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Amos Struck is the chief editor of Stock Photo Secrets. He is passionate about visual imagery and has profound knowledge of industry trends. He is also a public speaker and shares his insight about the latest technology, stock images, and digital marketing on different platforms.

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