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Ad Targeting Creates Opportunities for Both Publishers and Advertisers

Ad targeting gains customers for advertisers and at the same time gains revenue for publishers.

It also is a partial answer to the dominance of online advertising by Google and Facebook with their ability to use contextual advertising (which also is a form of ad targeting).

Online targeted advertising is the ability to reach consumers based on their demographic, geographic and other types of individual data.

Google’s DoubleClick ad-serving software provides the ability to target by geography and other characteristics. (more…)

How to Target One Zip Code with Online Advertising

The growth of online advertising is partly due to its efficiency and return on investment compared to other forms of advertising.

One of the most important examples of that efficiency is zip code targeting.


Facebook Targeting Works Like 18th Century Newspapers

Targeting is a concept in marketing that goes back to the beginning of media.

Even newspapers in 18th century America and elsewhere knew the concept of targeting — topically and geographically.

Topical targeting appealed to groups with a like-minded interest, especially politics. Geographic targeting of course reached out to the citizens in a town or city. The Boston Gazette, which lived from 1719 to 1798, obviously appealed only to residents of Boston. (more…)

Use Pay Per Click Campaigns to Target High-Value Content

Pay per click campaigns are great for delivering valuable results if used carefully and terrible if used randomly.

Beginners often spend money on PPC campaigns without fully understanding how to use them.

Veterans learn from their mistakes and pay close attention to their return on investment.

The key to getting a great ROI is using the campaigns for targeting high-value content. (more…)

Local Online Advertising Delivers Targeted Audiences

Local online advertising is especially effective for local businesses that know a few simple steps in how to target their ads.

After decades of working in media, I can say without a doubt that many local advertisers understand the concept of targeting ads but struggle with how to do it online.

They understand that local newspapers are delivered mainly to local readers, that radio and TV stations only reach local listeners and viewers, and cable companies provide service only to local customers.

But a Web site is accessible to the entire world.

A local business doesn’t want its ads to be seen by people in Dubai or the Ukraine because those people are highly unlike to shop at the advertiser’s business in a place such as Charlottesville, Virginia.

There are three simple ways to target local online advertising. (more…)

Targeted Email Marketing Works Great with 48% Open Rate

Targeted email marketingTargeted email marketing means hitting not only the right audience but also proving that it’s hitting the right audience by looking at the open rate and the click rate.

Two clients have open rates of nearly 50 percent and click rates of more than 20 percent.

The average open and click rates in their industry are 18 percent and 3 percent respectively, according to email marketing provider MailChimp.

How did they achieve such stellar rates? (more…)

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