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Backlink strategy

How to Use Public Relations to Get Backlinks

Some of the most valuable backlinks that give a site credibility are the ones that come from mainstream media.

Mainstream media websites often contain tens and even hundreds of thousands of articles. Many of them attract millions of visits a month. (more…)

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Website Promotion Adds Value to Local Business

Local businesses will find that effective website promotion adds new customers and strengthens relationship with existing ones.

But many local businesses with limited online experience  are disappointed when the money spent on a nice looking site doesn’t product the desired result. (more…)

Website Marketing Plan Increases Odds of Success

A website marketing plan can range from one page to dozens or even of pages. What matters most is the meat of it and the focus and execution of the most important elements.

What also matters is fulfillment of the important site promotion goals. The process begins with a clear outline. (more…)

Banner ad design

Use Banner Ads Like Billboards to Drive Visits

Online banner advertising has powerful branding potential that helps visitors remember the name of a site and increases the odds that they will return again.

It has its place in any online promotional campaign. (more…)

Website promotion

Website Promotion Needs Healthy Advertising Budget

Website promotion has been a big challenge for traditional media companies and a much easier one for pure online plays.

It may sound like an odd observation. After all, media companies should be better at promoting their own websites than any other business. They specialize in communications. (more…)

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Best Online Marketing Strategy Starts with Detailed Plan

The best plan for an online marketing strategy is simple — but it may take 800 details to learn before developing it.

The actual total might not be 800, but it sure seems like it. The reason why is that online marketing is so much more complicated than offline marketing. (more…)

Offline marketing tactics

Offline Marketing Tactics Add to Site Brand

A traditional small business can use offline marketing tactics to boost audience and revenue for its website.

A traditional business also can partner with another Website if the agreement allows both partners to meet each other halfway. (more…)

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