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Web analytics provide bloggers and businesses important insights about online audiences. This guide, with a heavy emphasis on Google Analytics,  offers best tips and practices on how to read analytic reports and make useful website changes.

Planet Earth

Audience Geography Matters More Than Total Visits

An audience geography report in site analytics is a useful tool in identifying whether a site is reaching the right location of the right audience.

A local website publisher may get excited by 100,000 visits a month. But the excitement won’t last if half of those visitors aren’t local. (more…)

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Website archive

How to Archive a Website to Grow More Audience

Site publishers often don’t think about how to archive a website because they are too busy with other priorities.

Content is more than just publishing. It also requires management from the first word on the page to months and even years after the content goes on the site. (more…)

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Bounce rate

How to Conquer Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

Bounce rate in Google Analytics measures the percentage of people who come to a page on a site and leave the site without clicking on another page.

It also is a measure FOR Google to judge the value of the page to the user. The lower the bounce rate, the more useful the page and the site. (more…)

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Content management systems

Launch New Content Management System with Extreme Caution

Launching a new content management system in place of another one is a path to greater online glory or a path to online obscurity.

The decision to change a CMS brings with it a high risk of major problems that could result in a large decline in site audience and revenue. (more…)

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Bounce rate

Tackle Analytics Bounce Rate 1 Page at a Time

The analytics bounce rate is an excellent way to measure the quality of a website from a product and user point of view.

It measures the number of times someone comes to the site from an external source, views one page and leaves again without clicking on any other pages. A better bounce rate means more page views and potentially more revenue. (more…)

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New versus returning visitors

New Versus Returning Visitors Reflect Brand Strength

Website publishers who track new versus returning visitors will find new ways to increase site audience and revenue.

Analytics software such as the dominant Google Analytics will track these two groups of visitors on a daily basis as well as any other time period. The most important time period is monthly for the sake of comparing a month with the previous month and the same month of the previous year. (more…)

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Website analytics

Website Frequency and Recency Climb with the Right Drivers

Google Analytics provides a report on website frequency and recency that reveals insights about the stickiness of a site’s traffic.

Frequency is the number of times a visitor comes to the site over a specific period of time. It is common to use a full month for the measurement. (more…)

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