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Content management systems

Change Content Management System with Extreme Caution

Changing a site’s content management system is the path to greater online glory or the path to online obscurity.

The decision to change a CMS brings with it a high risk of major problems that could result in a large decline in site audience and revenue. (more…)

Analytics Event Tracking Improves Site Navigation

Analytics event tracking can make a major impact on audience metrics such as page views, time on site and even return visits.

One great way to use it is by applying it to site navigation to see which links generate clicks and which don’t. (more…)

Increase Page Views to Build Ad Inventory and Revenue

One of the most fundamental metrics of online publishing has been buried by social media, SEO, email marketing and a host of other hot online topics.

peeping-tom-316125_1280It also is key to increasing ad inventory and revenue. Even better, it’s a great way to judge site quality.

Increasing page views has been critically important to a Web site’s success going back as far in the online environment as some of us can remember.

The page view is one of the most important metrics in analytics software, starting with Google Analytics, the largest provider of such software.


4 Ways to Rewrite Articles, Improve SEO and Build Audience

fountain-penArticle rewriting is a fast way to improve search engine optimization and user experience at the same time.

Imagine the possibilities: Higher search rankings, lower bounce rate, increasing pages per visit, more social shares and more return visits.

It really isn’t too good to be true.

Start with a simple scenario. An article on the site was published three years ago. At the time, work was especially busy and the article didn’t get much attention.

Maybe it was only 300-400 words long. It didn’t have any photos or graphics. It also didn’t have any related links. Keywords were not well defined. If it did have a photo, the alt tag was missing.

That said, the topic of the article has lasting value. In other words, it is evergreen content. (more…)

Basic Web Design Covers 9 Steps

Basic web designSometimes it’s easy to get caught up in what it takes to produce great Web sites and lose focus on what most people can afford or have time to do.

Basic Web design is appropriate for the great majority of sites because they are limited by how much time they need and what they are trying to accomplish.

With that in mind, let’s review nine steps in that allow anyone to produce a site design with minimal cost and effort. (more…)

5 Web Design Principles Improve Site Quality


Clutter is a common site problem.

Building a high-quality Web site requires following certain principles of online media design that used to be a matter of opinion.

More often they are now based on fact and experience.

When print editors make decisions, they do so in isolation. They can’t see or measure how readers read the paper, how much of a story they do read, whether they like the presentation, etc.

So the print editors have to use their best judgment.

Choices made about a Web site story choice or presentation is based on direct feedback.

Online editors get to view daily — and in real time with some tools — audience reports that show exactly how many times a story is read, how long a visitor stays on a site and how many pages they view when they are on the site. (more…)

4 Stages of Web Design and Development

Web design and development first serves an online marketing purpose and second serves a graphical purpose.

Some graphic designers may hate that statement. But they don’t have to pay the bills.

Ask people their opinions about certain Web sites, and wait to see if they talk about the graphics or about such issues as speed, functionality, ease of finding content and other experiences. (more…)

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