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High Quality Backlinks Rise and Fall with Sites Providing Them

High quality link buildingEvery site manager with a strong sense of marketing and search engine optimization knows that finding a high quality backlink is like finding a pot of gold.

Search engines love those kinds of links because they represent a vote in favor of the site getting the link.

That vote has become more important than every because the rise of “nofollow” links has resulted in many sites losing the “link juice” that the links provide.

“Nofollow” means the search engines shouldn’t follow the link and as a result shouldn’t look on it with any favor. The vote is gone.

That leaves far fewer opportunities to find (or build) backlinks from friendly sites, related blogs, article sites and other sites that still allow nofollow in one form or another.

It’s important to note that the value of the backlink is based in part on two factors — the page where the link resides and the site where the page resides. (more…)

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High Quality Article Marketing Still Helps Search Engine Results

Article marketing for SEO is a tactic that helps improve search engine results for a Web site’s most important keywords if it’s done carefully and done on high-quality sites.

In simple terms, it’s the practice of writing an article about your site and putting it on another site.

The other site typically specializes in articles written specifically for promotional purposes. Three of the survivors are:


Anyone interested in building site audience and search engine rankings to build their online business will go to one of these sites, sign up for an account and start writing.

Some of these sites require a minimum of 500 words per article, and some require much more. (more…)

6 Best Ways to Increase Web Site Traffic

Increasing your Web site’s traffic requires juggling multiple ways of getting audience to get the best results.

It also requires putting a consistent amount of effort into each of these sources and then prioritizing the time and effort based on which ones produce the most audience.

The tactics below all work well but in different ways for different sites. At least several months of consistent work should go into each one before deciding which tactic deserves the most attention. (more…)

SEO Tactics Decline While Online Branding Rises

SEO Tactics

Many Web sites have been damaged and in some cases have been sold or folded because of the way Google has changed its approach to ranking sites in its search results.

The impact has altered the way sites approach search engine optimization tactics.

This article is not an analysis of the Google search algorithm and how a site can manipulate results in the world of Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and other Google search initiatives.

Instead, it focuses on one consequence in particular and what to do about it, starting with content quality. (more…)

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Blogs and Forums Build Links — to a Point

Online CommunitiesA common promotional tactic among independent Web publishers and online marketing people is to post comments on other blogs and forums and add a link back to their own sites.

The tactic can teeter on a fine line between acceptable site promotion and spamming.

These site promoters will identify Web sites with blogs and forums that allow visitors to post comments and include back links.

Some of the comments are moderated, which allows that site manager to review the posting and either let it go live or reject it.

Sometimes the comments are not moderated, which means the comments go live immediately and in their original form.

Spammers take advantage of unmoderated sites to promote their products and services. Site managers are forced to go into their sites and remove the inappropriate and often irrelevant posts.

Responsible posters will provide an appropriate comment on the blog or post; the link back to their site will go to a site that is relevant to the subject being discussed.

Are Forum Backlinks Useful?

These responsible posters often debate the usefulness of this tactic. The value usually comes in two forms. The first is the people who click on the link back to their site.

The second is the backlink value that search engines place on the links, which ultimately helps boost the linked site in search engine results.

Copyblogger contributes a related point about building connections with other blogs and the people who visit them:

“So when you meaningfully participate in the community aspect of a blog, you’re creating meaningful relationships with people who can send you significant traffic — bloggers and other active social media users.”

Experience shows that whether it is worthwhile often depends on the relevance of the link, the uniqueness of the content and the usefulness of the comment. A post might produce a few clicks back to the poster’s site, dozens of them or none at all.

If the site uses the tag “rel=nofollow”, then search engines won’t follow the link at all, which negates any SEO value.

In that case, the value comes from anyone who clicks on the links. One way to decide if the traffic is worth the effort is by taking a hard look at analytics to see if the links are producing any results.

The odds are good that a few links will produce moderate results, while the great majority will produce very little.

The bottom line: Posting on other blogs and forums is worth doing as a tactic with a low level of effectiveness for most Web sites. But it’s best to follow the rules of those sites and make the posting valuable.

Internal Linking for SEO Improves Page Ranking

High quality link buildingInternal linking with SEO in mind is a surefire way of improving the ranking results of a page in search engines.

It is well known that Google in particular tracks the links coming into a site from external sources.

Google’s Webmaster Central shows both the domains that link to a site and the pages that receive the links.

Both quantity and quality matter. The more links, the better. The higher the ranks of the linking pages, the better.

The same concepts hold true for links within a site. Webmaster Central tracks these links as well. (more…)

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Spread Online Marketing Tasks, Knowledge Among Staff

Knowledge is money, especially in a small organization where one individual knows almost everything about a particular set of tasks such as online marketing.

The U.S. has 6 million businesses with at least one employee in addition to the owner, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Out of that total, about 60 percent have only one to four employees.

A small publishing company with a Web presence has little choice but to concentrate its marketing efforts in a small number of people. In many cases, it concentrates those efforts in one person.

But what if that person left the company? (more…)

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