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Newspaper CMS Starts with 7 Key Factors

Webmaster message boards are filled with emotional debates about the best content management systems to use, but the debates often simplify a decision that isn’t so simple.

A newspaper that is considering a new CMS has to weigh a number of factors in making a final choice. Overlooking key factors can result in a disaster that will cost that site both readers and advertisers. It has happened many times before. (more…)

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Staffing Guidelines for Online Newspapers

You don’t have time for your online newspaper. You don’t have enough staff. Should you hire someone to work on it? How can you hire someone when budgets are being cut?

Staffing an online newspaper is full of issues whether a paper is a weekly, metro daily or somewhere in-between. Here are six principles for making decisions about staffing for online newspaper publishing. (more…)

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Audience Matters More Than Circulation

Declining newspaper circulation and television viewership seem inevitable, but declining audience is not.

The answer lies in embracing the decline of circulation / viewership and replacing it with online audiences. And the audiences do not have to be local, despite the local focus of the typical newspaper and TV station. Nothing prevents them from building regional or even national niche sites that reuse some of their existing content in a resource-efficient way.

The Newspaper Association of America has embraced the concept of total audience by reporting the combined print and online audiences in each local market. The numbers should give the industry reason for some optimism. (more…)

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