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Online Feature Content Matters Greatly

Evergreen contentNewspapers and TV stations find that online feature content is vital for creating an attractive Web site, despite their emphasis on news.

This lesson in content development has benefits for any online publisher.

Many sites that hire SEO experts have blogs with regular postings about their area of expertise. These blog postings almost always have a feature focus. It means they don’t have a tie to a specific event or date and therefore have short-term value.

They have readership value today, next month or even in years to come. (more…)

News Site Strategy Leads to Big Benefits, Big Challenges

News media sites have a business model that requires them to post a lot of in-depth content every day.

Because search engines favor fresh, original and frequent content, they respond with great enthusiasm and send plenty of visitors to those sites.

They also overwhelmingly appear in top ranking search results for certain content categories. “Chicago news” or “Los Angeles sports” will surely see media outlets dominating the results. (more…)

Newspapers on Facebook Deliver Great Results

Newspapers on Facebook defy the conventional wisdom of when and how often to post.

They also run counter to the recent trend of Facebook distributing fewer and fewer posts to people who Like a page.

The above two statements are conservative. Newspapers do fantastically well on Facebook, even ones that don’t pay any attention to their Facebook pages. (more…)

Sales Pipeline Report Helps Revenue Performance

A direct sales pipeline report is a great way to increase the odds of success with online advertising.

Whether an online operation is one person who does it all or a much bigger operation with an entire sales staff, a pipeline report is one of the ways a smartly managed site can achieve better revenue numbers. (more…)

Facebook Targeting Works Like 18th Century Newspapers

Targeting is a concept in marketing that goes back to the beginning of media.

Even newspapers in 18th century America and elsewhere knew the concept of targeting — topically and geographically.

Topical targeting appealed to groups with a like-minded interest, especially politics. Geographic targeting of course reached out to the citizens in a town or city. The Boston Gazette, which lived from 1719 to 1798, obviously appealed only to residents of Boston. (more…)

Copy Desk Holds Key to Newspaper SEO

Newspaper copy editors strive to write headlines that are clever and informative, but they also have a wonderful opportunity to practice search engine optimization at the same time.

Consider these two simplistic examples:

  • Local Weather Forecast Calls for Heavy Rain
  • Richmond Weather Forecast Calls for Heavy Rain

Assuming that there is space for the three extra characters of the word “Richmond,” the second headline is more specific and localized. Fair enough — that’s an example of effective headline writing for a newspaper. (more…)

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Centralization Helps Even Weekly Newspapers

Major media companies centralize Web operations for the sake of efficiency, but even small independently owned newspapers can benefit from the concept for their Web sites.

When media companies centralize, they develop the ability to sell into multiple properties with one contract, create one design template for all of the sites, implement products for all of them with one initiative and deliver multiple other benefits that save time and money.

Google is a master at the efficiency of centralization. Newspaper companies are OK with it. At first glance, independent newspapers can’t do it at all. (more…)

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