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Learn how to use online content marketing to build site SEO and audience.

Increase Website Engagement with 7 Steps

Website engagement is a goal as important as audience and revenue growth. The three goals are closely connected.

Increasing website engagement leads to higher pages per visit and more return visits. Higher pages per visit and more return visits will produce more ad inventory, which leads to more revenue. (more…)

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Website Development is Foundation of Online Marketing

Website development is the cornerstone of online marketing. Online marketing has the potential for greatness if the site itself is great.

The world’s best paint job on a car won’t matter if the car doesn’t run well. An amazing new 55-inch TV with the latest color, HD and other advances isn’t worth much if the programming stinks. (more…)

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Online Marketing Strategy: 3 Goals, 8 Tactics and 1 Solid Plan

“Online marketing strategy” is a popular phrase that is used to describe ways of generating large amounts of traffic to a website.

In the business world, the words strategy and tactics are often mixed together. Sometimes they are mixed together so tightly that the meaning of one is almost the same as the other. (more…)

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Cornerstone content

Cornerstone Content: Definition, Strategy and Tactics

Cornerstone content is a concept in SEO strategy that identifies and focuses on the most important pages of a website.

They are the ones with the highest-quality content as well as the ones that ideally will rank highest in search engine results. (more…)

Sponsored posts

What Are Sponsored Posts and How to Use Them

Sponsored posts are a form of content marketing on a website. It involves an outside content provider who pays for the right to display their content.

That right includes several possible approaches to the content:

  • The article promotes a product or service.
  • The article promotes a company, such as an SEO agency.
  • A link appears in the article to a product, service, company or individual.


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Content marketing

What is Content Marketing, How it Differs from Marketing and PR

You may be wondering what makes content marketing unique from other forms of marketing?

The rise in content marketing has been astronomical but has left some people scratching their heads trying to understand it. What’s the difference between content and traditional marketing? Where does branded content fit into marketing efforts? (more…)

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Effective Content Marketing Often Begins with a Question

Effective content marketing, like any type of content, often begins with a question.

The question doesn’t have to appear in the actual written content. Instead, the question should dominate the thought process that eventually leads to the article. The article should answer the question from every possible point of view. (more…)

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