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Word Count Audit for SEO Uncovers Weak Articles

A periodic word count audit for SEO is a simple way to identify articles on a website that need help with search engine optimization.

SEO experts commonly recommend that articles should have at least 300 words to get some respect from search engines. That belief has evidence to back it up. (more…)

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Pop-Up Boxes Annoy Visitors While Getting Clicks

The online industry seems to go through phases with online pop-up boxes. They have them for a while, they go away and they come back again.

Pop-up boxes appear on top of the browser window. Some float and some are anchored at the bottom of a page. Because they lay over the main browser window, they demand attention and some kind of action by the site visitor. (more…)

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Subindex Pages Create New Website Entry Points

Subindex pages offer new entries points for website visitors as well as new ways of ranking more pages in search engines.

Website entry points usually consist of a homepage, article pages and internal index pages that aggregate articles. Opportunities abound. (more…)

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Cross Platform Publishing Adds Value to Content

Cross platform publishing is a content management strategy that increases the value of content by making it useful in multiple distribution channels.

It’s also another way of increasing the return on investment of the labor and any other costs that go into content. (more…)

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Website migration

Website Migration Brings Risk With Reward

Website migration from one host to another or one domain to another has rewards as well as risks.

The reward from moving from one hosting company to another usually is one of three reasons or some combination of them: (more…)

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Website Content Strategy Should Balance Desktop and Mobile

A website content strategy that balances desktop and mobile versions will improve time management and return on investment.

Websites rarely have the same amount of desktop and mobile visitors. If anything, mobile has grown so much that many sites now get more mobile visitors than desktop visitors. And the growth shows no signs of abating.


Analytics Exit Rate Pinpoints Problem Content Pages

The exit rate from Google Analytics and other providers will reveal problem pages that send people away from a site.

There is no escaping the fact that site visitors will leave at some point. The important question is where they leave and why. (more…)

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