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Email Marketing Lists Growth Faster With Prominence

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Email marketing lists grow with the help of prominence. Prominent email signup forms get attention, and attention gets subscribers.

Prominence is a key concept in online marketing and site development for the simple reason that prominence delivers results.

It’s really not a new concept because prominence works in all forms of communication.

The cover story of a magazine is prominent. The lead story on a TV news broadcast is prominent.

In search engine optimization, the prominence of certain keywords on site pages will improve search engine rankings for those pages and keywords.

Email Marketing Prominence

The concept works just as well with email marketing, especially when building a subscriber list.

One of the hardest goals for a publisher to accomplish in email marketing is the building of a quality subscriber list.

Poor quality acquisitions lead to low click rates and high unsubscribe rates. Such lists either decline in size or barely break even. High quality acquisitions will result in loyalty, higher click rates, low unsubscribes and a comfortable growth rate.

Placing an attractive email sign-up form in a prominent location on a website will result in higher rates of subscription.

It’s a simple and obvious fact on the face of it. But many sites don’t take that step because of competition for prominence from ads, photos, articles, transactions and other content that demands the attention of site visitors.

At that point, the publisher needs to decide which elements are more important than others.

One of the more effective ways of promoting a sign-up form in a prominent location is near the top of the left or right columns of a website if it has sidebar columns.

Experience shows that certain locations are more effective than others. It also shows that moving a signup form occasionally is a good idea.

It also may help to change the look of the signup form. Site visitors eventually go blind to static elements that never move or change in shape or color.

Email Signup Competition

Credit: Pixabay Creative Commons license

But what about competing elements on the page such as advertising?

One answer lies in creating a simple, thin and textual signup form. Use it as a dividing element between two other objects especially if they are graphical.

Float the element up and down the page depending on the sign-up rate and the requirements of the other elements.

Color again is an option for attracting attention. Bold colors are more prominent than muted or neutral colors. Change the copy and call to action.

Changing font size and type also may get more attraction, especially from repeat site visitors who have gone blind to seeing the same element multiple times and dismiss it subconsciously.

If the signup rate for the email list doesn’t increase, then publishers should keep experimenting with location, fonts, colors and copy.

If all experiments fail, then it’s a sign of a mismatch between the subject of the email newsletter and the audience that is coming to the website and viewing the signup form.

Other Methods of Prominence

A site-wide sign-up box will certainly have prominence and reach nearly all of the site visitors if it is at the top of the page.

Targeted sign-up boxes will have a higher acquisition rate if they are placed in relevant locations where it makes sense for a user to complete the form.

Common methods for placing a form below the fold include putting it in the middle or at the end of an article. That’s a relevant location because the visitor may want an email newsletter that has links to similar articles.

For example, obituaries have high readership in newspapers. Some newspapers have obituary email newsletters with a signup form with every obituary on the website.

Other ideas include putting it where someone has to fill out a form, such as a transaction, contact, content submission, etc. If the visitor is already in the mindset of filling out a form, the odds of filling out a simple one for an email newsletter go up.

Email Marketing is Not Dead

Someone recently said that email marketing is dead.

I beg to differ because of sites I have seen that have thousands of email subscribers, lists with 30 percent open rates and click throughs that represent a significant portion of site traffic.

In some cases, the response rate from high quality email lists is better than social media accounts.

Email marketing still has its place, and the prominence of the signup form will have a major influence on the quality of subscribers in an email marketing list.

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