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AdSense Keyword Targeting Improves Revenue Results

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Google AdSense strategy

Website publishers who target Google AdSense keywords will often find an improvement in revenue performance.

AdSense and similar advertising networks rely on the context of pages to deliver the best-performing ads. Context means the content has wording that is relevant to the ads that appear on the page.

Keywords create the foundation of the context. That’s why the ad type is called, not surprisingly, contextual advertising.

The context of the page is formed by the major elements of that page — all related to search engine optimization.

The starting point for the optimization of the page lies with the keywords found on it, including:

  1. Document title
  2. Document meta description
  3. URL of the page or site

Note that all three of these elements appear in search engine result pages. In addition, these factors improve the optimization of the page if the keyword is used:

  1. Headline of the article
  2. Body of the article
  3. File name of the image
  4. Alt tag of the image

It’s important to mention that certain keywords and their synonyms should not appear too often to avoid a penalty for keyword stuffing.

It also is a bad idea to put irrelevant keywords on the page that may seem attractive because they generate a higher cost per click.

Google in particular looks on those practices as unnatural and may penalize the page as a result.

AdSense Keywords and Remarketing

SEO keywords

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Look at a page on a site that has Google AdSense. Are the ads that appear related to the content of the page?

If so, do the keywords that appear in the ad also appear in any of the elements listed above?

The addition of a single relevant sentence to a page — or even a few words added to the meta description — has sometimes been enough to improve the relevancy of the ads appearing on that page.

Don’t be surprised if ads appear that may not seem relevant to the keywords.

These ads may be a form of remarketing where Google has tracked your behavior in recent days and is showing you ads from sites that you visited.

It also will show ads based on what it thinks may be one or more of your personal interests, such as travel, investing, etc.

Best SEO Practices Also Benefit AdSense

An effective tactic for increasing contextual ad revenue and SEO at the same time is a site audit.

Check each page to see if it is getting the most relevant advertising. If not, examine the document structure to find out if keywords are missing.

Once the keywords are added, it may take some time before the page is updated in the search engine index for more relevant ads start appearing.

Some pages will improve within days, others within weeks or possibly longer.

An audit will increase the click rate and revenue per click, resulting in higher effective page CPM.

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