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How to Manually Upload Public Notices

1) Prepare the file in ascii or plain text format.

2) The letters mmm must be inserted between  each notice. Our system uses that mmm to break up the file into separate notices.

3) Go to the upload form here provided in your email.

4) Log into the site. You should now be viewing the upload form. Follow the instructions on the screen.

5) Use the browse button to choose your public notices file on your desktop.

6) Click on the Submit button.

7) The site should tell you if the file has uploaded correctly. It will return you to the form page.

8) Click on Log Out.

9) Search for your records at http://www.txheadlines/index.php/public_notices

If you have problems contact Scott Bateman at [email protected]

TextEdit Help for Macs

TextEdit uses a specific text encoding to display plain text documents based on their content. If characters do not appear correctly, try choosing a different text encoding when you open the file.

To choose a different text encoding:

  1. In TextEdit, chose File > Open.
  2. Choose an encoding type from the Plain Text Encoding pop-up menu. Western ASCII is ideal.
  3. Select the file and click Open.

To set the encoding TextEdit uses when you open all plain text documents, choose TextEdit > Preferences and click “Open and Save.” Choose the encoding you want from the “Opening Files” pop-up menu. It is best to use UTF-8.

If you don’t see the encoding you want to use, choose Customize Encodings List from the pop-up menu and select the encoding you want to include.

Another option:

Choose Preferences from the TextEdit application menu. Click the Plain Text radio button for New Document Format.

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